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Finding Balance in Ireland

Words and Photos by Michaela Vitagliano, Visiting Student Blogger


Like many of you, I’m not someone that delights in change and its accompanying uncertainty. But naturally, deciding to study abroad for a year is a decision that is greeted with unknowns and uncertainties. After almost a full year here, I can definitely say most of my worries – Will I like Ireland, will I make friends, will I find things to do here that I enjoy – were for naught.

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Irish Language Classes at Trinity


By Michaela Vitagliano

Visiting Student Blogger, Yale University


Coming from a high school that was predominantly filled with Irish-Americans, I was not thrown for a loop when I saw Saoirse /Seer-sha/ or Meabhdh /Mayv/ scrawled on name cards at a party function. The two that got me, however, were Colm and Eoin which I mistakenly pronounced as /Kohlm/ and /Ey-oh-in/. Thank goodness I hadn’t come across a Caoimhe that night, for I am sure I would have said something along the lines of /Kow-im-hay/ which is drastically different from the correct /Qwee-va/.

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Never the Twain Shall Meet? Bridging the Art and Science Gap at Trinity

By Michaela Vitagliano [Visiting Student Blogger]

Hi, Michaela here. I hope you enjoyed my last post on GAA sports. Now onto yet another wonderful place – one that originated and was pioneered at Trinity College itself.

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The Other Arran: Knee Deep in Mud with Trinity Geology

By Paul Smith, Visiting Student Blogger

“A field trip to Scotland (GL3324 – Geological Field Skills 1), which is a 2 week course before the term starts.” That was the only information I was given before I agreed. It ended up being a 10 credit class in ten days, and is in my opinion the best opportunity a visiting geology student could have been given. It amazing from a geological perspective, and it immediately threw me into what would become a tight-knit friend group.

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Studying in Dublin: What to bring?

By Céline Brandstötter, Visiting Student Blogger

My name is Céline and I am a Belgian, third year European visiting student at Trinity College Dublin coming from the European Law School at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I will be studying in the Law department for the upcoming academic year 2016-2017. I currently live in the student housing of the Binary Hub so this blog is inspired by my own experiences living there. The pictures included are also from the Binary Hub housing.

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Welcome to Trinity College Dublin’s Study Abroad Blog!

Visiting students will be blogging here about their experiences studying at Trinity and living in Dublin. Make sure to follow the World of Trinity blog via email or check back here to read their first-hand perspectives and learn more about study abroad at Trinity College Dublin. Visit our website for more information on Study Abroad & Erasmus at Trinity Why Trinity? And the  Trinity Experience.


First Impressions of Trinity…

Viviana Lletget

Visiting Student

Departments at Trinity: English, Political Science, and Sociology  

Home University: University of California Berkeley, Ethnic Studies

First Impressions…
Hi! I’m Viviana, a University of California Berkeley student, and I have come to Trinity College Dublin for a semester in order to remove myself from the norm, and experience new academic settings as well as social surroundings. I absolutely fell in love with my lecture courses right away at Trinity. The instructors are very eloquent and are gifted in how they present material so that students can easily process sometimes complicated topics. I study English, Political Science, and Sociology here at Trinity, and although my major is in Ethnic Studies back home, taking selected courses from these three departments helped me structure an academic plan that serves my major requirements. I have only been here at Trinity for six weeks now, but I already know that it has been one of the best decisions I have made to academically enrich my college experience.

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