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Harry Potter: Maintaining Familiarity While Abroad

By Paul Smith

Visiting Student Blogger

I am from a small town in North Carolina and I’ve never lived in what I would call a “big city.” So this term, I’ve not only been studying in a different continent but I’ve been living a different style life. I was housed in a high-rise apartment complex and I walked to class in an environment which was much more unfamiliar than I expected. I was a little overwhelmed and while I wasn’t homesick exactly, I was definitely a stranger to this community. Continue reading Harry Potter: Maintaining Familiarity While Abroad


By Anna McAlpine [Visiting Student, Study Abroad Blogger]

The idea of studying abroad on Erasmus conjures up many different images and ideas in people’s minds. When you first apply, if you are anything like me, your mind can instantly be ensnared by the prospects of the new friends you will meet, the experiences you will gain in a new city and the new hobbies you will discover at your host university. This is all relevant of course but it is also worthwhile remembering that you are going to study at this university – not just take a little exciting holiday. It is important to understand the academic environment at Trinity and research it to make sure that it is suitable to your way of learning. Whilst studying abroad I believe that you have to be totally comfortable with adapting to new situations and ways of receiving teaching – flexibility will be crucial to your success.


Global Room Student Ambassador Perspective…

By Kelly Konya

Hey everyone! My name is Kelly and I just started working as a Global Room Student Ambassador this very Monday morning. Already today, I have assisted a tour of campus with Byrne Hacking, where we met students from the University of Macau (who all loved Trinity!), and I’ve helped with the set-up of a lunch reception for a graduation ceremony. My first day on the job has already rejuvenated my love for this university and my on-going excitement to be doing research here. I am currently an M.Phil in Irish Writing student but will finish up this August and jump right into my Ph.D with hopes that the momentum will allow me to write my first book!

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Sun, Sea, 7 degrees: Swimming in Ireland

By Clodagh Schofield (Visiting Student, Study Abroad Blogger)

Editor’s note: If you’re feeling brave like Clodagh, do your research first and make sure that it’s safe to swim – and bring a friend! You can find all the info you need here: http://www.iws.ie/

As someone who comes from toasty warm Australia, I really wasn’t expecting much from Ireland with regards to places to swim. It’s so cold here, but what I didn’t account for was how quickly one acclimatises, and how desperately I miss the beach.

It started two months ago, when I found myself seriously considering trying to go night swimming at Port Marnock, which my family and friends told me was absolutely delusional and evidently rooted in some bizarre highly Australian form of homesickness.

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My Time in Trinity College Dublin by Tushti Singla

By Tushti Singla

“Moving to Trinity College from India feels as if I were pulled out of my cocoon, only to be given wings to fly through the immense sky.”

It is one thing when you hear that Trinity College Dublin is amongst the world’s top 100 universities; it’s another when you actually experience it and realize how true that is! With state-of-the-art facilities and distinguished faculty, Trinity provides an unparalleled learning ground to kick-start your engineering career. I believe, the pleasantly challenging project work with befitting technology has prepared me to work on real-world applications in the industry.

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