Global Room Student Ambassador Perspective…

By Kelly Konya

Hey everyone! My name is Kelly and I just started working as a Global Room Student Ambassador this very Monday morning. Already today, I have assisted a tour of campus with Byrne Hacking, where we met students from the University of Macau (who all loved Trinity!), and I’ve helped with the set-up of a lunch reception for a graduation ceremony. My first day on the job has already rejuvenated my love for this university and my on-going excitement to be doing research here. I am currently an M.Phil in Irish Writing student but will finish up this August and jump right into my Ph.D with hopes that the momentum will allow me to write my first book!

Konya Kelly

As a postgraduate student, I have so enjoyed getting to know people from all around the world — my current program alone has students from Iran, Canada, Wales, England, South Korea, Brazil, and the Netherlands. I think these international friendships have been my favourite part of attending Trinity, and I know that working in the Global Room will allow me to meet and help some wonderful people. I’m looking forward to giving tours of my own (once I learn some ‘tour facts’) and to making the transition a little easier for international students. This is a great place to work — a hub for questions and guidance run by friendly individuals who are eager to help. And thanks to Colum Cronin and Aishwarya Jha, who helped me discover the inner-workings of the space today!

In case you need the reminder of why Trinity is such an incredible place to be with a thousand opportunities awaiting all of us, check this video:

Watching the video this morning with the students from Macau was the perfect way to re-energize my pride for TCD — I even had a bit of chills by the ending. Hope to meet some of you in the future in the Global Room! Pop in anytime for games, TV and movies, or just to chat!



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