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The Spirit of Dublin is On Fire

By Amirah Orozco

I vividly remember the moment I opened up the email with the approval to attend Trinity College for my junior year or third year. Being given the opportunity to attend Trinity College will always be a dream come true. One of Dublin’s most popular tourist attractions, Trinity College’s beautiful architecture is hardly rivalled. Established in 1592, the walls have stood tall and steady for much of Irish history. The classrooms have seen the likes of Mary Robinson, Oscar Wilde, and even One Direction’s token Irishman, Niall Horan. While I was certain about Trinity College, I naïvely never even considered the experience of living in Dublin. It is now, one month into my experience, the one thing I would cite as having the greatest impact on my time here. While the small island of Ireland is only the size of Indiana, Dublin’s unique historical situation makes it a cosmopolitan centre unlike any other.

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Academics at Trinity

By: Madison Tucky (Visiting Student – Trinity Department: English – Home University: University of Southern California, English and Narrative Studies Major)

One of the things that I was most nervous about when deciding to study abroad was the difference in academics between Trinity and my home university. I spent a long time before arriving in Ireland pouring over the classes that I could take and trying to figure out what the best schedule would be. Normally I’m used to registering for classes online, but visiting students at Trinity register in person on paper, and that idea made me worry a little bit. I wasn’t sure exactly what the procedure would be or how hard it would be to get the classes that I wanted, but luckily I am just studying English here and so only had to go to the English Department information session to figure out exactly what I needed to do. From there it was pretty easy to get into the classes that I had picked out for myself. From there it was just time to actually start attending classes.

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Blogger Clodagh interviewed Áine O’Gorman and shared her view on the divestment campaign at Trinity

Clodagh Schofield

Visiting Student

Departments at Trinity: Economics, English, Sociology

Home University: University of Sydney, Political Economy and Cultural Studies

This week, blogger Clodagh interviewed Áine O’Gorman and shared her view on the divestment campaign at Trinity.

At home at my university in Australia, I’ve been very involved in encouraging the university to implement a responsible investment policy for their substantial endowment which would divest us of fossil fuels. Before I came to Trinity College, I heard about Fossil Free TCD, a group of students and staff working to see TCD cease investment in fossil fuels & reinvest the money in ethical industry. However, the person who told me about it described the group as “a few interested people working on a fledgling campaign” and it did not prepare me for the scale, diversity, and exciting atmosphere surrounding the project.

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Tickets go on general sale on Wednesday, 6th April …. over 20,000 already sold

Trinity College Dublin announced as location for Official Welcome Village

Boston College CEO Club announce Global Business Forum for Dublin

It is all systems go for this September’s Aer Lingus College Football Classic in the Aviva Stadium between Boston College and Georgia Tech with tickets, from €35, going on general sale through Ticketmaster at 9am next Wednesday, April 6th. Ticket sales to date, predominantly in the United States are in excess of 20,000 and all the indications are that the game on Saturday, September 3rd will be a complete sell out as the Navy vs Notre Dame was in 2012, an event that brought a direct economic benefit of over €85 million to Ireland.  An update on the plans for game-week were announced at a reception in Trinity College Dublin’s Dining Hall today (Thursday, 31st March).