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Semester Start Up Programme – A Reflection

By Abigail Borges [Visiting Student]

Hi! I’m Abby, a third year, single semester visiting student at Trinity College Dublin and a junior at Brown University in spirit. I am from the small town of West Greenwich in the small state of Rhode Island, where I attend Brown and study History and Political Science. I am in the same course at Trinity, and have been spending my time studying (of course), sampling desserts (necessary), and exploring as much of Dublin and Ireland as I can squeeze into four months.

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San Diego

By Tadgh Healy

Hi everyone! I’m Tadgh, a third year English Literature & Philosophy TSM student and I’ve just completed my first week studying abroad at the University of California, San Diego.

From the early signs, it’s clear I’ve been incredibly fortunate to land where I am. I chose to study in San Diego primarily because of the quality of education – and in my particular case I had read (and enjoyed) the work of a couple of the professors here, so jumped at the opportunity to be able to sit in their lectures.

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Welcome to Montreal

By Hannah Treanor

My name is Hannah Treanor and I am a PPES student in Trinity College Dublin. This year I decided to change my usual by-line and embark on an adventure to Montreal, Canada to study in the prestigious McGill University for the year. Political Science and Economics were to be my academic ventures. My reason for choosing McGill? I have always had a dream of studying in America and as I grew older and the politics in the US of A became slightly bizarre, I decided Canada would be a preferable substitute. Next step, in the summer of 1st year, was to look at the rankings, as I figured if I was going to travel to a country where I would not avail of the Erasmus grant, I should go to an amazing University. McGill stood out to me as a picturesque internationally-acclaimed university which was quite a bit smaller, population-wise, (at 40,000) to its 85,000 strong academic counterpart, University of Toronto.

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Student Blog – Sydney, Australia – Life Down Under

By Sibeal Wheatley

Hey guys – my name is Sibeal and I’m studying abroad for the year in Sydney, Australia.  I’m in my 3rd year in BESS, now taking single honours economics, and have wanted to go on exchange since I was in 6th year. To be quite honest, I didn’t put much thought into coming to Australia on exchange- in fact it was the only Australian university I had on my form. I think I just wanted to go somewhere far away, for a complete change of scenery and to challenge myself. By the time you finish second year you’re truly in your comfort zone, so feeling like a fresher all over again has been great fun, but also a bit daunting at times. I’ve been here for just over two months and will be writing a few blog posts over the coming year about my experiences down here. As this is my first post, I’ll write a little bit about my first impressions and what I’ve been up to so far.

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Blogger Clodagh interviewed Áine O’Gorman and shared her view on the divestment campaign at Trinity

Clodagh Schofield

Visiting Student

Departments at Trinity: Economics, English, Sociology

Home University: University of Sydney, Political Economy and Cultural Studies

This week, blogger Clodagh interviewed Áine O’Gorman and shared her view on the divestment campaign at Trinity.

At home at my university in Australia, I’ve been very involved in encouraging the university to implement a responsible investment policy for their substantial endowment which would divest us of fossil fuels. Before I came to Trinity College, I heard about Fossil Free TCD, a group of students and staff working to see TCD cease investment in fossil fuels & reinvest the money in ethical industry. However, the person who told me about it described the group as “a few interested people working on a fledgling campaign” and it did not prepare me for the scale, diversity, and exciting atmosphere surrounding the project.

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