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Moving to Dublin and Getting Settled

Flights are booked, bags are packed and you’re excited for your big trip to Ireland.

You’re probably feeling a kaleidoscope of emotions right now, from excitement to anxiety and we hope this handy guide will give you some essential advice on arriving at the airport, shopping for home essentials and where to go shopping for food. Enjoy!

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Student Blog – Sydney, Australia – Life Down Under

By Sibeal Wheatley

Hey guys – my name is Sibeal and I’m studying abroad for the year in Sydney, Australia.  I’m in my 3rd year in BESS, now taking single honours economics, and have wanted to go on exchange since I was in 6th year. To be quite honest, I didn’t put much thought into coming to Australia on exchange- in fact it was the only Australian university I had on my form. I think I just wanted to go somewhere far away, for a complete change of scenery and to challenge myself. By the time you finish second year you’re truly in your comfort zone, so feeling like a fresher all over again has been great fun, but also a bit daunting at times. I’ve been here for just over two months and will be writing a few blog posts over the coming year about my experiences down here. As this is my first post, I’ll write a little bit about my first impressions and what I’ve been up to so far.

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Module Profile: Irish Writing and Material Culture

By: Clodagh Schofield (Visiting Student – Departments at Trinity: Economics, English, Sociology – Home University: University of Sydney, Political Economy and Cultural Studies

My favourite part of studying at Trinity this semester has been taking a course called Irish Writing and Material Culture, and getting to learn from my lecturer Dr Julie Bates. It’s a sophister level English course, with about 12 students, roughly half of whom are visiting or international students.

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