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Junior Year at Trinity College Dublin

By Maria Heines

I am writing this second blog while treating myself to a hot chocolate at a café across the river from Ireland’s immigration office. Today is the day I will (hopefully) officially be able to call Dublin my home away from home! Despite not having the official paperwork, yet, Dublin has certainty begun to feel like home as I have gotten into a rhythm of classes, sport practices, chilling at Binary Hub, and wandering around town with friends.

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Some advice for Reading Week

With so many options available, it can be hard to decide what to do over Reading Week. Luckily our Student Ambassadors are on hand with some great advice on how to fill the week:


It has come to the time of the term again where college hands us the gift of “Reading Week“. I know what most of you are thinking, what should we do? Put simply EVERYTHING!! Explore new areas of Dublin, go sightseeing in different parts of Ireland, or dine in fantastic restaurants to gain a fresh culinary experience. My favorite thing to do in Reading Week though is to explore Dublin on foot. We don’t have a lot of time to walk in Dublin due to college hours and work. Reading Week is a perfect time to allow yourself to get lost in Dublin. Walk into town and take a road you don’t normally take, or get off a bus stop and go to a park you have always been desperate to go to but didn’t have the time, in short you should allow yourself to get lost. You never know what hidden gems you will find.

Amr is a third year Bio-engineering student working as a Student Ambassador in the Global Room 


Over Reading Week my one tried and tested recommendation would have to be the zoo (and other parts of the Phoenix Park if you have the time!). As our Reading Week falls just after the Halloween break for schools, the zoo tends to be a little bit more quiet and is great for a bit of a break that still feels a tad educational. There are two new elephant calves, as well as lion calves, at the moment and if you have time afterwards you can always rent a bike from the entrance to the Phoenix Park and have a few hours of cycling around and checking out the Magazine Fort and the deer herd!

Sally is a third year Psychology  student working as a Student Ambassador in the Global Room

marketFor one of my Reading Weeks last year, I decided to try out some of the food markets in Dublin. It was an amazing experience, with an atmosphere different to anywhere I’ve ever been before. There are many varieties of food you can choose from in the markets, all of which make your mouth water! I’m sure there will be one to suit your taste buds. The Temple Bar Food Market is located close to Trinity College, happening every Saturday from 10am – 4.30pm. The Harcourt Street Lunchtime Food markets opens every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am -2.30pm. The Merrion Sqaure Lunch Market opens every Thursday, and there you can enjoy spectacular food and drink from many different countries. Enjoy your Reading Week!

Cindy is a student Ambassador in the Global Room


I would recommend that you separate your week into work and play. Go out of Dublin to explore the other regions of Ireland. See the Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Castle, Cascades of Ennistymon, the Ring of Kerry or even the picturesque town of Killaloe (the hometown of Brian Boru!) However, don’t forget to take the opportunity to finish an assignment or two, as it’s the best time to catch up without the worry of classes and tutorial readings. If you’ve been working hard, take time out to rest and relax. If you’re falling behind, take the opportunity to catch up! Find the balance and you’ll have a great Reading Week!

Audrey is a Student Ambassador in the Global Room