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We’ve Got New Gates!

Back in April, Trinity’s entrance made headlines as our historic front gates were hit by a car early one morning and badly damaged. Luckily no one was hurt and last week our gates were restored to their former glory.


In classic Trinity-style, the incident was met with irony, with one commenter tweeting: ‘Trinity are taking this rebrand seriously. They’re destroying all history, including the front door. Yikes.’ Within hours social media had rebranded the incident ‘gategate’ and some innovative photo-shop added a crashed car into the front gate on trinity’s logo. Despite the hassle of having one of the main entrances to campus closed, students found the funny side and capitalized upon the humor of the situation.


The gates, historically named the ‘Great Gates’, have been the center of many official occasions; the small gate is opened daily for pedestrian access, however fully opening the gate is symbolic of ceremonial occasions and an indication of reverence to visiting heads of state. This reverence was extended to Michael D. Higgins (the President of Ireland) when he came to visit the college last year. During his visit he was also presented with the Gold Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Public Discourse by The College Historical Society (the oldest undergraduate student society in the world).

Trinity’s Front Gate

Specialist heritage building contractors have worked on restoring the gates, attempting to recreate as closely as possible the original construction. Now installed and ‘French Glossed’ all the gates will need is a few thousand students and visitors to pass through and they will blend back into Trinity’s architectural landscape once more.

Students and visitors will again be able to enjoy the impressive alignment of the Great Gates framing the campanile as they enter campus.  Another story has added itself to the history of Trinity, and luckily our iconic entrance is back (looking better than ever!)


Not Just Your Average Weekend

Friday, April the 11th was a day where everything just came together to make it, quite literally, perfect.

What is needed for a perfect day? If you ask me I’d say great weather, a gorgeous location, an amazing occasion and fabulous company. Now imagine a bright beautiful sunny day, The Farmleigh Estate in Phoenix Park, the Education in Ireland Award Ceremony and for company, none other than the Prime Minister of Ireland- Enda Kenny!


I was appointed as a Student Ambassador for Education in Ireland to share with everyone my incredible journey of studying abroad at Trinity College Dublin, and while I admit that the entire journey has been great; with immense support from the international office at Trinity; the highlight of it was the Award Ceremony that I was privileged to attend on Friday at the beautiful State Guest House (which I found out had been previously owned by the Guinness family) in Pheonix Park.


All of the Student Ambassadors were celebrated by the Minister for Education and Skills Ruairi Quinn himself. He spoke about how invaluable the work we’d put in was, for those who are considering the option of studying in Ireland and would like to hear what their peers have to say. It made me feel like I had made a small difference; like I was giving something back to the country which has left me with some cherished moments from my first year.


I then had the opportunity to meet with the Indian Ambassador to Ireland Mrs. Radhika Lal Lokesh, who was an absolute delight! But the best part of the day was most definitely meeting the Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD who I have to say, for the lack of a better word is the coolest Prime Minister ever. He mingled and interacted with the student ambassadors freely, bringing about the most important part of Irish culture- the warmth of Irish people and how welcome they make you feel in your presence.


What’s even better is the fact that he got ‘selfies’ clicked with us! That’s how you emulate the Oscars.


The food was lovely and the atmosphere was great. The free drinks in the oldest pub in Dublin- The Brazen Head (where we went for the informal get together) were just a cherry on the cake of awesomeness which was the Awards Ceremony.


A big thank you to Education in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Trinity College Dublin and of course the Global Relations Office at Trinity for making this possible for me!


Rajsi Rana is an international student who served as an Education in Ireland Ambassador for 2013-2014 on behalf of Trinity.

Trinity Monday

Today is a very special day here at Trinity: Trinity Monday. This morning, on the steps of Examination Hall, the newly appointed Fellows and Scholars of the College were announced. Scholarship at Trinity College is  hugely prestigious, carrying numerous financial benefits, as well as an elite status amongst students. Our student ambassador, Lydia, recounts the day she became a “Schol”:

Schols 2014

The day I received my Scholarship in Drama & Theatre Studies was probably my most memorable moment in Trinity College Dublin to date. Following four months of rigorous and obsessive study, sleep deprivation and a non-existent Christmas, I was one of the very lucky chosen ones. A crowd had gathered in front square eagerly awaiting to hear the results of the Scholarship examinations. The English and Drama & Theatre Studies students stuck together, all anxiously awaiting to hear their names. Alphabetically, degree majors were called out A, B, C, and then D – Drama & Theatre Studies! My name had been called out and naturally I screamed, jumped and embraced anyone in the vicinity. The day continued in a equally surreal fashion. Each scholar was required to wear a black cloak and attend at luncheon in the Provost’s garden. Similar traditions were played out such as the Scholars competing against the Fellows in a game of marbles and an evening meal in the Dining Hall. Black Tie was a must and pretending to know what a desert-wine was seem par for the course. The following day involved a swearing-in ceremony where each Scholar had to swear an oath in the Provost’s house promising to uphold the standards of the Scholarship and pledging to protect the Provost in times of need. In Latin. It was not exactly what I had expected to be doing on that early Tuesday morning, but it is certainly something I will never forget.

However, although the advantages of Scholarship are plentiful, my favourite aspect has been the people I have met. The evening meals, living with fellow Scholars and the Scholars community in general has completely transformed my experience of university to date. This social aspect, which is probably not what people think of immediately, is an aspect of the Scholarship experience that I cherish the most and that I never would have expected. I never thought I would be making ‘friends for life’ in third year, but receiving the Scholarship was really a fresh start and new way to experience college life. Thank you Trinity!

Jailbreak: Team Purrfect

Jailbreak (jailbreak14.com) is a charity event where pairs of students attempt to get as far away from Ireland as possible in 36 hours without spending a cent. Through sponsorships and donations, the students also raise as much money as possible for some very worthy charities, this year raising €40,000 for Amnesty International and St. Vincent de Paul. While teams from all over Ireland took over the world, a team of dedicated trackers and organisers watched their progress from the Trinity Global Room. Take a look at the arduous journey of one of our student ambassadors, Faris: