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My Travels whilst attending Trinity

How is it already two weeks into my second semester at Trinity?! Time is flying by way faster than I would like it to and a lot has happened since my last post! I think it would be best to pick up at my trip to Amsterdam. The Saturday after my first semester classes ended a friend and I took a flight from Dublin to Amsterdam to meet up with my roommate, Lydie, as well as her friends from home. Here we had a blast, like any reasonable twenty-year-old would. For me, the highlight of the trip was spending a sunny day weaving in and out of the side streets and small parks, that are dotted across the city, on our rental bikes. Thanks to a foodie in the group who was determined to try as much traditional Dutch food as possible, we were able to indulge in ‘chips in a cone,’ olliebollen, poffertjes, and more delicious bites to eat. With adequate fuel, we wandered around a few colorful markets and checked out a variety of thoughtfully constructed museums. Two particular museums that I enjoyed, due to their intense content that forces visitors to unwittingly leave their superfluous thoughts and anxieties behind, were the Anne Frank Museum and the Museum of Prostitution in the Red Light District. Continue reading My Travels whilst attending Trinity

The Best Things About Dublin

By Sydne Tursky [Visiting Student Blogger]

As my time in Ireland dwindles down to a matter of days, I find myself ever more appreciative of Dublin. Though I have always loved this city and have been so happy to spend time here, I am realizing more and more how much I have taken it for granted. It has been the home to come back to after gallivanting through central Europe for a week; it has been my lively surroundings during many late-night walks back from the library or a pub; it has been host to many laughs and cries and laughs that turned into cries. But my life here has become a routine, and that means that sometimes I am oblivious to the most wonderful parts of Dublin.

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The Christmas season begins in the Heart of the City

Hi Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great Reading Week. Guess what? Christmas is just around the corner (exciting!) If you’re not going home for Christmas this year have no fear, Dublin has some great offers and fun activities that you & your friends can enjoy.


Personally one of my favorite activities around Christmas time is going ice-skating. My favorite spot to ice skate is in the RDS, they do student discounts, which is a great for us on a budget. Don’t worry if Ice Skating isn’t your thing, there’s always ‘Funderland’ (about 10 minutes walk from the RDS). Funderland is an annual event around Christmas time with array of attractions to suit all ages and tastes. There’s large varieties of activities, such as roller-coaster rides, bumper cars and rides that spin you around! If these don’t sound like your thing, don’t worry there’s lots of skill-based games to try. These activities give you and your friends the chance to challenge each other to win prizes, such as soft toys and technology.

This year there is a Christmas Market at St. Stephens Green. It’s the first ever city centre traditional Christmas market in Dublin! It will have more than 60 trade concessions located in traditional wooden chalets (sounds very Christmassy and exciting!) They will run along the exterior of St Stephen’s Green Park, between Grafton Street and Merrion Row. The Christmas market offers a large unique selection of quality Irish made handcraft that can make the ideal Christmas presents. There is a large variety of handcrafts, such as accessories, woodcrafts, jams, seasonal prints (postcards, Christmas cards), food, drinks, chocolate fountain & more!

dameThe Dame District (located just behind Dame Street and parallel to George’s street) has always been an epicenter of activity for locals, but during Christmas time it gets funkier and better than ever. The Dame District Christmas market is fun festival place to visit around this time of the year. It’s been happening for 3 years now, with over 24 stalls to visit.

As a coffee lover, Starbucks Christmas drinks are something I look forward to every year. Starbucks brings out their full body seasonal spice notes, seasonal blend to capture the spirit of Christmas. Their savory season treats just make your mouth water! With branches right on Trinity’s doorstep, you can grab a warming cup between lectures.

graftonDublin is the city that has something for everyone. Christmas time is a time for shopping, and Dublin will make sure that you shop till you drop! Dublin City has a large range of shopping centres (all equipped with many shops that make your heart beat just a little faster).

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Years.  Enjoy the break and stay warm!

Cindy is a Science Student & Global Relations Ambassador.