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Academics at Trinity

By: Madison Tucky (Visiting Student – Trinity Department: English – Home University: University of Southern California, English and Narrative Studies Major)

One of the things that I was most nervous about when deciding to study abroad was the difference in academics between Trinity and my home university. I spent a long time before arriving in Ireland pouring over the classes that I could take and trying to figure out what the best schedule would be. Normally I’m used to registering for classes online, but visiting students at Trinity register in person on paper, and that idea made me worry a little bit. I wasn’t sure exactly what the procedure would be or how hard it would be to get the classes that I wanted, but luckily I am just studying English here and so only had to go to the English Department information session to figure out exactly what I needed to do. From there it was pretty easy to get into the classes that I had picked out for myself. From there it was just time to actually start attending classes.

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