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My Travels whilst attending Trinity

How is it already two weeks into my second semester at Trinity?! Time is flying by way faster than I would like it to and a lot has happened since my last post! I think it would be best to pick up at my trip to Amsterdam. The Saturday after my first semester classes ended a friend and I took a flight from Dublin to Amsterdam to meet up with my roommate, Lydie, as well as her friends from home. Here we had a blast, like any reasonable twenty-year-old would. For me, the highlight of the trip was spending a sunny day weaving in and out of the side streets and small parks, that are dotted across the city, on our rental bikes. Thanks to a foodie in the group who was determined to try as much traditional Dutch food as possible, we were able to indulge in ‘chips in a cone,’ olliebollen, poffertjes, and more delicious bites to eat. With adequate fuel, we wandered around a few colorful markets and checked out a variety of thoughtfully constructed museums. Two particular museums that I enjoyed, due to their intense content that forces visitors to unwittingly leave their superfluous thoughts and anxieties behind, were the Anne Frank Museum and the Museum of Prostitution in the Red Light District. Continue reading My Travels whilst attending Trinity

My Trip to Belfast

By Viviana Lletget (Visiting Student – Department(s) at Trinity: English, Political Science, and Sociology – Home University: University of California Berkeley, Ethnic Studies)

Part of the reason I came to study in Ireland was to learn more about its political history, particularly Northern Ireland, which is one of the four countries that makes up the United Kingdom. British colonialism ended with the Irish Partition in 1921 under the Government of Ireland Act 1920, making Northern and Southern Ireland UK territories operating in different Home Rule fashions, but in 1922 with the War of Independence, Southern Ireland became independent as the Irish Free State. Belfast has always been a place to protest and voice your political position within the mainstream two factions of Irish Nationalism or Unionism. Belfast is saturated with social movement histories, and has been affected by violent pasts that seem to still plague the city besides its increasing social solidarity among citizens. People get along, though generally speaking, Catholics and Protestants don’t really hang out in each other’s neighborhoods, but no one is bombing or vandalizing a rival’s area as before. Things have changed in Belfast, though the city is definitely still segregated.

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Academics at Trinity

By: Madison Tucky (Visiting Student – Trinity Department: English – Home University: University of Southern California, English and Narrative Studies Major)

One of the things that I was most nervous about when deciding to study abroad was the difference in academics between Trinity and my home university. I spent a long time before arriving in Ireland pouring over the classes that I could take and trying to figure out what the best schedule would be. Normally I’m used to registering for classes online, but visiting students at Trinity register in person on paper, and that idea made me worry a little bit. I wasn’t sure exactly what the procedure would be or how hard it would be to get the classes that I wanted, but luckily I am just studying English here and so only had to go to the English Department information session to figure out exactly what I needed to do. From there it was pretty easy to get into the classes that I had picked out for myself. From there it was just time to actually start attending classes.

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By: Anna McAlpine (Visiting Student to Trinity College Dublin at the School of English

Home Institution: St. Andrews, English Literature and Philosophy MA (Hons)

Before coming to Trinity I had compiled a list – a list that went on about three pages, bursting at the margins – full of the societies I was going to join when I arrived. I was like an overexcited fresher all over again. Thankfully, for the good of my academics and sleeping pattern, I managed to considerably narrow down that list. I managed to whittle it down to three extracurricular that I have thoroughly enjoyed – namely, Evening Creative Writing Class, the Metafizz and the Law Society. I will expound slightly on what each one entails in case you also want to join any of these fabulous activities!