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Make Yourself At Home | Part 2

Last week we offered tips on how to decorate your student room to make it more homely, and while the internet offers an abundance of style tips and inspiration, where can you buy things without breaking the bank? We offer some ideas below.

Go to IKEA

From bed linen to wall hangings to quirky knick knacks, IKEA is a one-stop shop for all your student needs. However a bit of planning will be needed in advance if you aim to buy bulky goods and bring them home on the bus. Check out here for advice on the best way to get to IKEA, which is located in north Dublin, about 45 mins away from Trinity College by bus.

Check out Tiger

Located on Nassau Street and in the Stephen’s Green shopping centre, Tiger is often described as a mini-Ikea. It boasts a range of different decorations, handy  organisational knick-knacks and quirky ornaments, all at affordable prices. Tiger is a great store to wander around and see what jumps out at you. While it’s less then 60 seconds away from Trinity, you can check out their website before you make a trip to see what they have.

Homeware sections of stores

Many department stores, such as Dunnes, Tesco and Marks & Spencers to name a few, have specific homeware sections in their larger stores. Offering all sorts of kitchen, bedroom and general living room wares, these stores offer good quality goods at low prices. Even better, they are located throughout the City and are easy to get to. Stephens Green Shopping Centre and Henry Street are two great places to check out.


Why limit yourself to what you can find in shops? As we suggested last week, sites such as Pinterest are a great way to find inspiration for decorating your room. So why not continue your search for decorations online? If you have specific ideas in mind, then sites such as Amazon or Ebay are great places search. If you’re not sure what you want, why not check our places such as Etsy and see what catches your eye.

George’s Street Arcade

George’s Street Arcade, less than a 5 minute walk from Trinity College Dublin, is an enclosed Victorian market where you can enjoy ‘independent’ boutique shops and stalls ranging from trendy clothing, jewellery, funky music, collectable items, souvenirs and much more along with wonderful dining and food options. Take a look around and you may be able to find unique treasures for your room or home.


Finally, marketplaces and second hand stores can be treasure troves for homely decorations. Did you know there is a book market in Temple Bar on the weekends? How about the Designer Market? Temple Bar, Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, is packed with markets at the weekend. Take a wander through the cobbled streets and hidden avenues and see what you can find amongst the stalls and second hand stores. Market days and times can be found here.

David  is a marketing intern working with the Global Relations team, and is a current student of Trinity College Dublin.

Make Yourself At Home | Part 1

It’s not always easy settling in as a student. It is hard feeling completely at home in a new place, especially when that place is a dorm room, or a bedroom in a house with 5 other people. Help is at hand however, as we compile a list of some student hacks and DIY touches you can use to settle into Dublin and make yourself at home.

Bed Linen

First things first, you have got to sort out your bed. It’s more than likely taking up a large amount of space in your room, so you might as well make it colourful and easy on the eyes. Ditch the drab monotones and choose colourful bed sheets which will complement the style of your room.


Lighting is very important in student rooms. Fairy Lights and fake candles add a warm and inviting mood to your room. Equally getting coloured lamp shades (or draping coloured cloth over regular lamp shades) will help negate the harsh white lights often found in student apartments.


As long as you remember to water them, flowers and plants are a lovely, easy way to bring life and colour to your room.  If you’re simply not the gardener type and your plants are likely to die within days, invest in a cactus instead – they require zero maintenance! Equally, plenty of artificial flowers look quite real and can be bought from a variety of homeware stores.  A potted plant or two will do wonders for your room.

Wall hangings

The walls in student accommodation are often neutral and bare. With repainting them not an option the next best thing is to cover over them up. Posters and photos are a great way to add a personal touch to your walls. Hang photos with pegs from a piece of string, or use some blu-tack so you don’t mark the walls. Stick up photos and memories from home and if something makes you smile, hang it up so you can always see it.


If in doubt, just try and add colour. Whether it be through furnishings such as rugs and cushions, or simply colourful pictures, the more colour you add the more homely your room will feel. Paint some photo frames in vibrant colours and hang them on your wall. Or recycle some old jars and paint them in bright colours, leaving them on your shelves. Paint your hangers, shelves and furniture or cover them with colour tape and ribbons. ,l.

Need more Inspiration?

Lacking ideas? Try Pinterest and see what other people have done on the cheap to make their halls feel like home!

David  is a marketing intern working with the Global Relations team, and is a current student of Trinity College Dublin.