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A Visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland

By Jessica Murphy, Summer Study Abroad Blogger

My name is Jessica Murphy and I am a rising sophomore at Brown University from New York City. I am still not sure what I am majoring in—or as we call it, “concentrating”—but I am interested in fields ranging from international relations to development studies. In fact, I was initially drawn to the Brown/Trinity summer study abroad programme in Dublin because of my interest in political science. The possibility of studying contemporary international politics, participating in an internship, and living in a completely new country sounded like a remarkable opportunity. I am so glad that I decided to sign up, because it has truly exceeded my (already high) expectations! Dublin is a fascinating city with a rich and layered past, and I have really enjoyed learning and exploring every single day.

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Module Profile: Irish Writing and Material Culture

By: Clodagh Schofield (Visiting Student – Departments at Trinity: Economics, English, Sociology – Home University: University of Sydney, Political Economy and Cultural Studies

My favourite part of studying at Trinity this semester has been taking a course called Irish Writing and Material Culture, and getting to learn from my lecturer Dr Julie Bates. It’s a sophister level English course, with about 12 students, roughly half of whom are visiting or international students.

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