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Easter in Dublin

This weekend not only marks the end of lectures for Trinity students, but also the long Easter weekend. With a bank holiday Friday and Monday, there’s time to take a trip. However, if you choose to stay in Dublin there are still lots of things to do…


What next?

A degree can be a stepping stone to a whole host of careers and opportunities, sometimes the difficult part is working out what path you choose. As many of us look towards graduation, how far have you looked ahead?

You Social Butterfly

There are lots of things to see and do in Dublin, but most of us end up going back to the same places with our friends week after week. Whether you look to chill out or paint the town red with your friends, all you need to do is go looking for your perfect place. From open green spaces and an eclectic mix of cinemas, to bars and clubs spilling out of Temple Bar across Dublin.

Healthy Body & Soul

This week Trinity’s Students’ Union is hosting ‘Body and Soul Week’, promoting a healthy attitude to body image and self-esteem through a variety of on-campus events. The week is intended to to look at both physical and emotional health, empowering the student body and encouraging them to be healthier. How healthy would you consider yourself to be?

A Taste of Ireland

Ireland’s cuisine can be defined and warming and hearty, with big comforting portions. Whilst there are a whole host of international cuisines you can try in Dublin (including some great burritos), we were wondering which of Ireland’s classic dishes and drinks you were looking forward to trying?



We know we’ve got readers all over the world, and in the past few weeks many of you have been experiencing huge snowfall. Since Dublin has only had the odd flurry, we were wondering how much snow you got this year? Comment below with your stories!

How much of the world have you seen?

Now that flights are getting cheaper and cheaper, and you can get great inter-railing passes around Europe, so many more of us can see the world while we’re still students. Whether you’re sipping a cocktail on a beach, or backpacking through the forest, every experience can help you understand more about where you fit in the world. We’re sure you’ve got lots plans to travel in the coming years, but how far from home have you been already?