Discovering Dublin the City: Old and New

By Xinyi Ye, Visiting Student Blogger


If you are studying in Ireland, then you are studying in a country with dazzled autumn, mild winter, shiny springtime, and glorious summer days – if it doesn’t rain. And if you are studying at Trinity, you are lucky to study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a city full of both old things to admire and new things to discover! Take a walk from Trinity’s college green to see the history of the city and explore.

Christchurch Cathedral: Where History Stands

Photo 1.jpg

Located on the west side of city centre, Christchurch Cathedral is one of the most representative buildings of Dublin’s history. Besides its normal functions, this medieval-style church is also linked with Dublinia, a museum with exhibits on the history of Viking and medieval Dublin. Every Sunday morning when the bells in the church ring, performing a typical religious melody of the Middle Ages, I can feel that everything about this city hundreds of years ago is coming back to life, inviting me to explore and feel as if I have travelled in time.


The Cow’s Lane

Photo 2.jpg

The Cow’s Lane is a small street located in the temple bar area, seemingly very likely to be ignored because its atmosphere is very different from the crowded and busy streets with pubs and bars. But this small area, actually, is a very creative place in the city centre that you can’t miss, as it is the location of the designers’ market. Artists and designers set up stores on this lane and serve you with their fantastic works. When looking at their masterpieces, you can also enjoy an ice cream or a crepe and find some of your favorite books to read, since there are also nice cafes nearby.


Grafton Street: Creativity is in the air!

Photo 3.jpg

If you have seen the famous movie Once, then you must be very familiar with this street: it’s the place where the main characters meet. It is one of Dublin’s most well-known streets, and one I never get bored of, no matter how many times I pass it. Just like what is shown in the film, singers, dancers, and sometimes even painters come here and show their talent in front of the shops lining the street. You can see and listen to something new every day. But as a street with history, different styles of architecture can also be recognized on the street. Listening to a guitarist playing Over the Rainbow while admiring the delicate neo-classical decorations can be really relaxing after finishing all the classes in the day and going out for a walk on the street.


Dublin the city is also part of the student life at Trinity. But the best Dublin is always the Dublin seen through your own eyes. So come to Trinity and explore the city on your own!

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