Homestay Experience in Dublin

By Lingyu Sun, Visiting Student Blogger

My name is Lingyu Sun, and I am from Fudan University in Shanghai. I am a visiting student at Trinity, taking modules in Social Studies, Business Studies and Language and Communication Studies. While studying at Trinity, I am staying at a homestay in Santry that I found through a friend’s introduction. The first day I arrived in Dublin, the woman who I am staying with picked me up from Dublin Airport. It was so nice of her to do that for a stranger. When we arrived at her house, I was impressed by her house’s beautiful yard and garden, with swings for the children and lush grass.

One of my favorite things about my homestay is the cat, Max. He is an enormous two-year old cat, with a huge appetite to match. He prefers to hang around outside in the evening, but sometimes he comes inside and surprises people by coming in and jumping onto a bed. I feed him every morning before school, but he doesn’t always need to eat much cat food, as he is a very good stalker and catcher, and catches mice sometimes. At first, Max was shy around me, but now we are best friends. He even followed me to the bus stop one morning!

lingyu_blog-1_photo-3Above: along well with each other.


Before I arrived in Dublin, I imagined what my homestay would be like, and had a picture in my mind of an old lady living with a cunning cat in a lovely house. The picture in my head has come true, and Imelda is a lovely, helpful, polite woman. Any time I have had a question or problem, she solves it instantly. She is a very pleasant housemate, too, and always considerate. On the weekends, we go to the supermarket to get groceries, drinks and snacks for the week. She treats me like her granddaughter, and always buys extra snacks for me. Sometimes, I have cooked traditional Chinese food for us in Imelda’s kitchen. Even if some Chinese dishes don’t fit her taste, she always appreciates my cooking skills and trying new things.

What a wonderful homestay experience it has been! I will treasure the fond memories.




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