Sweet Sweet Study Abroad – Exploring Dublin’s Desserts

By Abigail Borges [Visiting Student Blogger]

Sometimes, school is hard. As a firm believer in the power of chocolate, one of the ways I like to get away from class, apart from exploring castles and cathedrals, is indulging a bit in the many sweet(s) opportunities around the city. Maybe you’ve been working hard on a paper all day and need a break, or just escaped a taxing exam, or maybe you’re waking up from a late night of studying and need a perfect pick-me-up. Really, whenever you need it, sweets will be there for you in Dublin, and here are some of the best (click the links and get ready to drool).

Murphy’s Ice Cream

I actually knew about this place before even coming to Dublin, being from a state in the U.S. that does homemade ice cream so well. Murphy’s is right off Grafton Street, making it an easy post-study reward. It is unlike any ice cream I can get at home, however, as every flavor is locally sourced and inspired by Ireland. Caramelized Brown Bread, Dingle Sea Salt, and Irish Coffee (my personal favorite) are just a few of the local flavors you’ll find. What I like the most about Murphy’s is that as a study abroad student you don’t have to feel badly about being a frequent flyer here, because it’s only right to take full advantage of its unique flavors while you still can!


Above: Murphy’s Silky Smooth Chocolate and Irish Coffee flavors – for mocha lovers, but with a kick.


I had no idea just how much I could love donuts until I came to Dublin. These little rings of love are everywhere, and regrettably (or thankfully) are very close to campus. The Rolling Donut never disappoints, offering the perfect compromise between large size and flavor variety. If you’re a caffeine addict, go for Coffee Lover’s, but the Rosy Lee red velvet and Molly Malone apple cinnamon are favorites too.

Abigail_Blog 2_Photo 2.jpg

Above: A glimpse of what you’ll find at the Rolling Donut. Get to the shop earlier in the day to have the widest selection of flavors!

To expand your horizons, check out the super close Offbeat Donut Co. (3 for 6!!), Aungier Danger, or Krüst Bakery (home of the cronut – look it up!). You can’t go wrong with any choice at these locations, unless, or course, you choose not to go.


Above: Offbeat’s Ferraro Rocher donut, a shop which is fortuitously located directly next to my on-campus housing.


If you’re more of a classic when it comes to desserts, this catch-all list is for you. Feeling like cupcakes? Meet The Cupcake Bloke, whose flavors change weekly, or head to Lolly and Cooks.

Abigail_Blog 2_Photo 4.jpg

Above: A pumpkin seed cupcake from The Cupcake Bloke himself, which clearly I could not wait to dig into.

For chocolate lovers, chocolate biscuit cake is a must – something new to me being from the U.S. Il Fornaio’s café right outside Front Gate offers the perfect indulgent slice (but you can also get a cheap one from the Arts Café on campus). Also integral to Dublin’s chocolate scene is Butler’s Chocolate Café, where I recommend dropping in for a single truffle or staying for a hot chocolate, all of which are rich with a twist.

Abigail_Blog 2_Photo 5.jpg

Above: Dark hot chocolate from Butler’s: just what I needed after a cold, dark day in the library. This is just one of the twists Butler’s offers on classic hot chocolate, including chili and cookie varieties as well.

Finally, for classic and reliable choices, head to KC Peaches, which has monster fudgy brownies and – best of all – a student discount.

Sweet Republic

To round things out, this place is the sweet lover’s paradise and simply beyond explanation. Milkshakes, donuts, candy, chocolates, waffles – you name it, it’s here. Check the link to their Instagram and fantasize until you’re ready to indulge at the end of a long day!


Above:This image from Sweet Republic’s Instagram gives you a glimpse of what indulgence can be at the Bachelor’s Walk location (picture credit: @sweetrepublicireland).

Whatever you’re craving, Dublin is there for you to reward your hard work on what is undoubtedly a very rigorous course at Trinity. I hope some of these can bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me in times of need, and never forget: yes, you do deserve it.

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