My Experience as part of the Trinity LGBT Community

By Meg Beare  

Trinity College is genuinely such a lovely place to be LGBT. Even before I came here I saw a YouTube series that Q Soc (Trinity’s  LGBT society) had made which talked about members’ positive experiences in Trinity, so I didn’t have to worry at all about whether or not to come out at college.

Joining Q Soc in Freshers week felt daunting, but they were immensely welcoming and made me feel right at home, they even had a pub crawl in Freshers week to introduce new students to the Dublin gay scene. Q Soc also do amazing advocacy work for all LGBT students especially during rainbow week every spring and as a result the entire student body is very open minded and I’ve never been made to feel uncomfortable or frightened because of my sexual orientation. There’s a real culture of acceptance here and other student societies I’ve been involved in, such as the Hist occasionally put on workshops for their members on LGBT inclusivity and ask for your preferred pronouns at events. Even our lecturers and textbooks in subjects like sociology use the right terminology and avoid being hetro-normative.  Ultimately Trinity is a fantastic place for the LGBT community.




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