Student Life at Trinity by Madison Tucky

All of the students that I talked to about studying abroad at Trinity said that the best way to get involved on campus was to join some student societies. This way you could meet people with similar interests to your own, or join a society you knew nothing about and learn. All of the information about the societies is online, so I just looked up Trinity Societies one day and went through them, picking out a few ones that I thought looked interesting. I emailed them and they gave me a time to come and talk with one of their member about what the society was like and how to sign up. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting into, but everyone that I met with was so friendly. Even though I’m only here for the one term, all of the societies still wanted me to join them and take part in their activities. I didn’t know before getting here if it would be easy or difficult to get involved since I am only here for such a short time, but so far it’s been really easy to feel like a member of the student body.*

The first society that I joined here was DUISS, which is the international society. They hold different events throughout the term in order to bring people together, but most notably they go on trips around Ireland. I knew I wanted to spend a lot of my time abroad getting to know Ireland itself, so I figured that DUISS would be a good way to go about this. They plan all the trips for me, I just need to make sure I sign up and pay. The first trip was to Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, and it was breath-taking. It was fun getting to explore but it was, however, very cold! I’m used to much warmer weather, but it’s nothing I won’t get used to I’m sure.

Madison Tucky_Blog One Photo new

Above: Madison Tucky

I also joined the Trinity Literary Society, since that’s what I’m most interested in. I had no idea what I was getting into with this, but every weekday I learned you could go up to their room in House 6 from 12-3 for coffee hours and just hang out and get to know the group. They were so nice and friendly and gave me an overview of what they do. They’ve got all sorts of literary events, my favorite of which is the Speakeasy. It’s like an open mic night but you don’t have to be a musician. You can sing or read a short story or perform poetry. Whatever it is that you want to do. I didn’t read any of my own work because I was way too nervous, but after seeing how supportive everyone there was, I’m definitely going to put my name down the next time they have a Speakeasy.

Even if you’re not in a society, they almost all hold events that students can go to. My friend is involved with Trinity Radio and I’ve been able to tag along to their quiz night at a pub near campus. Players, the Theater Society, usually has a show happening that you can go to. I’ve also made some friends just through class, many of them other international students but some home students as well, and we’ve made plans to go see things around Dublin or take trips or just grab lunch together. There’s almost always something to do here as long as you’re looking for it, and getting involved doesn’t take much effort at all.


* Global Relations Note: Trinity also offers a Student Societies Fair for spring term Visiting and Erasmus students. It was held on the 21st of January this year, with over 22 societies present to register new students!


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