Being Bisexual in Trinity College Dublin…

Being Bisexual in Trinity has been a really positive experience for me: I came out in my second year in college, and I think the reason I was able to do that, and the reason I’ve been so happy since, has been because of the incredible support I’ve had from so many people since that time.

The general atmosphere in the college is one of an incredibly open and accepting space. When you walk around the college or check your Facebook as a Student, there’s always a huge amount of support from a variety of different sources: The Student’s union was a real hub of all this support during the Marriage Referendum campaign, but even now, they’re still there with loads of help to offer: There’s an LGBT Officer in the SU, and a welfare officer who’s really supportive and helpful with any and all personal problems that you’re likely to have at college (Plus free condoms and lube!). I found that just being able to walk into someone’s office and talk to them was really helpful for me. The SU also organise Rainbow Week every year, which really helps to make everyone a little more aware of LGBT+ issues, as well as giving us all an excuse for a night out at PrHomo!

As well as the SU, college have a really great counselling service, Student2Student is fantastic for helping new people settle in, and you have an academic tutor who’s there to represent you to the college and help you out. This doesn’t all seem specifically relevant to being LGBT+, but insofar as we need a bit of a hand once in a while, there’s a really strong and professional infrastructure in the college for offering that hand when it’s needed.

I think the most important part of the college experience for me, with regards to my sexuality, has been through the Clubs and Societies that are so strong in Trinity. The most obvious one of these to mention is QSoc, who organise a huge amount of great events for LGBT+ people in Trinity, both to offer a safe place full of solidarity, and also to just have a bit of fun with rainbows tacked on once in a while. They had a really big part in helping host an Intravarsity Queer Prom in Trinity this term (in conjunction with other colleges in Ireland), and they’ve organised a boatload of other really cool events with other societies like Cumann Gaelach and The Phil. Other societies are also really great places for support in general: I’ve been really involved with The Hist throughout my time in college, and I’ve never met a friendlier, more supportive group of people who are willing to talk about LGBT+ issues, or just life in general, and be really positive about it all.

My time in college coincided with a sea change in the way I see myself as a person. Trinity has been the place in the world for me to have this experience, and I can honestly say that this college has helped make me, as a bisexual person, the happiest, most confident version of myself that I could have ever hoped for.


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