My Trinity Experience…

By Patrick Byrnes

The summer before I came to Trinity was a terrifying one. I was scared I’d be just the new kid and then after a month yesterday’s news. Trinity College was nothing like that though, the first month was instead of a euphoric happy experience – a period of adjustment. But unsurprisingly – but surprising for me – after that month things were a lot simpler and easier. I grasped the harsh sarcasm of the Irish and actually understood it, I found a place that didn’t judge me on where I’d been or how my accent sounded, but on who I was and how I behaved.

Patrick Byrnes

I didn’t find the stereotypical land of leprechauns and pubs with old men drinking Guinness – you can, however, pop to a tourist town and find such things – instead I found people who were at worst well balanced. There was a place and time for studying and there was a place and time for fun and Trinity had both to offer and a student could be both. There were no cliques that defined the experience, you didn’t fall in with a crowd of studious types and never partied, just as you didn’t fall into a crowd of party types and never studied. At Trinity you are defined not by who you keep as company but by how you yourself act. You won’t find people judging you for studying too much or too little, or partying too much or too little, rather you’ll find a community of over 10,000 students all looking to simply know who you are.

I will, however, give one warning. If you are looking for something stereotypical and cliché, I refer back to the leprechauns in specific (sad fact: leprechauns aren’t real) you probably won’t find it as a Trinity student or really as a student at any college of Ireland. I write this because just as there are a majority of Americans who find a real place in Trinity, there are a good few who come unprepared for reality. Yes, surprisingly Irish people don’t wear all green and spend the whole day in the pub drinking Guinness (you might laugh, but I’ve seen plenty of tourists dressed in tweed jackets and flat caps thinking they’ll ‘blend in’). If, rather, you are looking for something new and unique, and are ready to be brought outside your comfort zone. Trinity is right for you, and is a choice you should most definitely not pass up on.



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