First Impressions of Trinity…

Viviana Lletget

Visiting Student

Departments at Trinity: English, Political Science, and Sociology  

Home University: University of California Berkeley, Ethnic Studies

First Impressions…
Hi! I’m Viviana, a University of California Berkeley student, and I have come to Trinity College Dublin for a semester in order to remove myself from the norm, and experience new academic settings as well as social surroundings. I absolutely fell in love with my lecture courses right away at Trinity. The instructors are very eloquent and are gifted in how they present material so that students can easily process sometimes complicated topics. I study English, Political Science, and Sociology here at Trinity, and although my major is in Ethnic Studies back home, taking selected courses from these three departments helped me structure an academic plan that serves my major requirements. I have only been here at Trinity for six weeks now, but I already know that it has been one of the best decisions I have made to academically enrich my college experience.

Dublin is an amazingly busy and beautiful city with lots to do, and drinking definitely does not have to be involved contrary to what people may think about its drinking culture. One of the best parts about Trinity is the amount of lectures that they offer outside of curriculum modules. I have attended lectures from Irish street art by Joe Caslin to history lectures about the 1916 Easter Uprisings that focused on the novel and 1916 hosted by the Oscar Wilde Centre. There is always something to do and an immense number of opportunities at Trinity because they have a very active Student Union that supports many societies, for example:  they put on public events such as a Green Fashion Show orchestrated by the Green Campus Committee for Green Week. I have been enjoying the contrasting difference of events put on by Trinity to the events at my home institution because the topics are authentic and central to Irish life and history where I would not be able to experience them unless I came to Dublin to study as a student.

Besides a scholar, I am also an artist. I enjoy taking photos of mainly nature, but anything that may look interesting. The city of Dublin and Trinity College Dublin have been such a source of inspiration for my art. I have been discovering parts of the campus and city that reveal a beauty I have not yet seen before. The architecture, trees, flowers, and even pubs are amazingly beautiful as well as unique. Being here in Dublin has been such a growing experience for me, and it has been helping me figure out what I like to do, who I am, and also what is most important to me because when you go and study abroad in a new place you are forced to discover new ways of existing based on your decisions on how to spend your time, and that is quite an exhilarating process. My first impressions of Trinity and Dublin have exceeded my initial expectations, for I had no idea the extent of how much I was really going to like them, since the beauty has been so captivating on and off the campus. I am very fond of both the college and city, and I will be sad when it is time for me to go, although I have been considering coming back to get my Masters Degree here.



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