My Five Favourite Things About Trinity: Perspectives from a First Year International Student

Lara is one of our first year international students.  She is studying medicine at Trinity.  Here she tells us about her Five Favourite Things About Trinity.

I’ve now been studying at Trinity College Dublin for four months, and I absolutely love everything about it. Having lived in Hong Kong my whole life, I was exceedingly nervous when I first moved to Dublin, knowing no one and not knowing what to expect but I immediately fell in love with the place.

Dublin city

Firstly, Trinity is in prime location, as, situated in the centre of Dublin, it is surrounded by beautiful shops and restaurants and parks, that are all close and easy to visit. Students fill the various nearby restaurants and shops during the day, filling the streets with life and energy.

It is also a beautiful campus, filled with wide spaces and towering trees enclosed by a row of old majestic buildings. Even a few months later, there is nothing better than walking through the main gate before an early lecture, the campanile standing sentinel ahead, watching over the students bustling to and from classes. It also attracts thousands of tourists, all walking around in awe at Trinity, their cameras at the ready, and there is such a great feeling of thrill that this is your university.



They say that a place is only as good as the people in it, and although Dublin is a phenomenal city, there is no doubt that the people in both the city and university itself are special; everyone is friendly and welcoming, always up for “mad craic” as the Irish say, and yet sincere and genuine. The people here really helped me settle down so fast, and we’ve become closer than I could have imagined possible in the time I’ve been here!

Another thing I love is how much there is on offer for anyone and everyone. The first week sees the main campus square fill with society stalls, all equally enticing, capturing your attention and imagination with promises of ski trips and weekends abroad, nights out and meeting new people.  From sports societies and debating societies to food and drink societies – if you want to do something, Trinity will surely have it on offer.

Finally, Trinity has brilliant professors and lecturers and top quality education. Although the work is often hard, you are given unlimited resources and help. The facilities are also top of the range, with science equipment and books available for all who need them.

University is the best time of your life, my parents used to say, and for Trinity this stands true. What’s not to love about Trinity?


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