BITESIZE TOP 10 COURSES: Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology (PPES)

Navika is one of our international students who is in her first year in Trinity.  Here she lets us know about her experience of studying at PPES at Trinity, one of our Top 10 Courses. 

Your name:  My name is Navika Mehta

Your year of study: I’m a first year student at Trinity.

Your programme of study / course:

I am studying PPES- Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology.

What made you decide to study your course at Trinity?

Trinity College Dublin is the only university in the world offering this combination of subjects and is a very highly ranked and reputed college for social sciences.

What, if anything, was the most challenging thing about moving to Ireland to study?

The most challenging thing for me was balancing studies, sleep and social events.

There is so much to do in Dublin that it’s very hard not to become involved in events and activities. Every club and society organizes events regularly and there is something for everyone. These events are the best way to make friends and avoid homesickness.

What aspect / module of your course have you enjoyed studying the most so far and why?

The best part about PPES is that all the subjects can be linked very easily. If you’re studying something in economics, you’ll find answers in sociology. Something in Philosophy might explain reasons for economic or political theories. Even though you study four subjects, it feels like one big integrated subject. It’s a small course of 35 students which includes about 10 international students. The students pursuing PPES come from different parts of the world including Costa Rica, Syria, India, US, Sweden, Italy and Germany. This helps in creating a good mix and it gives a lot of exposure to cultures and societies all over the world.

If you had one piece of advice to any other students about to start your course in Trinity what would it be?

One piece of advice for new students would simply be to, get involved. It can be easy to feel lonely when you move to a new place let alone a new country where you know no one, but its in your hands to make friends. The best way to do that is to find what interests you and attend or take part in events. Societies do their best to make you feel at home which includes a lot of pizza.


What is your favourite thing about Dublin?

My favourite thing about Dublin is the bustling city centre in the heart of which is Trinity College. There are cafes and restaurants on every corner, which are always filled with students and tourist from every corner of the world. In Dublin you hear more languages in a day then you probably would in a year elsewhere. It is a very international and student friendly city. Student discounts are offered almost everywhere. The people of Dublin are extremely welcoming and friendly. They help you settle in to life in Dublin and feel at home. The Trinity libraries are spacious, housing a huge collections of books.

What three words would you use to describe Trinity to someone who’s never been here?

I would describe Trinity in three words as historic, international and peaceful.

If you would like to get to know Trinity College and the city of Dublin better, consider coming along to one of our upcoming US events.

Navika pictured on a trip to the Giant’s Causeway

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