A Dublin Bucket-List from a Local

Alison is in her final year of an English degree at Trinity, having grown up in Dublin she’s giving us some insider-knowledge on ‘musts’ for your time here…

In preparation for your time on the Emerald Isle among the gingers you might be wondering what distractions the Irish provide to keep you away from your studies. Dublin is a fascinating city full of history, culture and some amazing characters. Here’s a list from a native of some things you should definitely be adding to your bucket list to keep you out of the library.

1. Visit the Book of Kells.

old lib

I know I said this list would distract you from the library, but this one is worth it. The Long Room in the Old Library is filled with some beautiful examples of books, not just the Book of Kells, which is the main sight to see. Go back a few times since they turn a page everyday (and it’s free for Trinity students!)

2. Have a bag of chips from Leo Burdock’s.


One of the oldest chippers in Dublin, there are many of these around the place so there’s always a chance to pop in. To make it a truly authentic chipper visit grab a slice of batch bread and make yourself a chip sandwich. You’ll won’t want to eat anything else during your visit.

3. Visit the Guinness Storehouse.


Even if you’re not a big fan of the black stuff the tours in the storehouse provides you with a fascinating history of Dublin and one of its most famous exports. Also the view from the Gravity Bar is definitely worth checking out. Head up there on a nice day and you can get some great snaps of Dublin to share on your Newsfeed and make everyone at home jealous.

4. Check out a trad session.


If you want to immerse yourself in some good old fashioned Irish tunes head into The Temple Bar some evening and enjoy the mayhem and beauty that is an Irish music session.

5. Check out a match.


Let’s face it, Ireland has some very unique sports. So why not take the opportunity to check out something you may not see otherwise. GAA, Hurling and Camogie matches are always a great source of craic and atmosphere and definitely something different that you’ll love to tell your friends about.

6. Kilmainham Gaol.


Another great historical spot. With the upcoming Easter Rising anniversary a visit here will ensure you know what all the RTÉ specials are about over the next year.

7. Take a tour bus.


The tour buses in Dublin are a hop on/hop off service that will help you cross off all the history spots in the city that you might want to check out. Alternatively you can jump onto the Viking Splash tour for a trip around Dublin with a difference. Complete with helmets and screaming at the natives this is a fun way to learn about the city.

8. Visit Christ Church Cathedral. 


Dublin is fill of pretty buildings, but this is definitely one not to miss. Also check out the crypt if you want a spooky twist to your exploring.

9. See a show.


There’s generally something wonderful going on in one of the many theatres around Dublin and it can be easy enough to get student tickets. The Bord Gais Energy Theatre, The Gaiety, the Abbey, and the Olympia are all stunning venues that have an eclectic range of shows meaning there’ll always be something you’re interested in.

10. Sit back and relax in Phoenix Park.

Phoenix Park

One of the largest parks in Europe it contains the Dublin Zoo, Farmleigh House and the Áras an Uachtaráin (or president’s house) among other stunning sights. Here there is truly something to interest everyone come rain or shine (but mainly shine).

So that’s a brief list of some things around Dublin that you should add to your Irish bucket list. One of the best things to do though is explore for yourself. Dublin is a city that is just waiting to open itself up to adventurers so enjoy your time in the ‘big shmoke’ and I hope you have the craic while you’re with us.



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