My 5 favourite things about Trinity

by Caoimhe Tyndall – ‘The list certainly could go on forever!’

Living in Trinity Hall


Thanks to Freshers’ Week, JCR events, Hall’s Musical, and generally the close proximity of all the houses, I have built incredibly close bonds with hundreds of people and friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. While there is never a dull moment in Halls, the atmosphere is extremely warm, welcoming, and safe. No matter what time of day, there is always someone just a few meters away to have a cup of tea with. Trinity Hall is where I am comfortable, and where I have been given the freedom to truly explore and discover myself.

A Great Location


TCD is located in the very center of one of the most iconic cities in the world. Living in Dublin and having all kinds of events and activities at your fingertips allows you to gain a strong sense of independence, and places you in the middle of a wide range of opportunities for both leisure and success. However, being a student at Trinity also provides you the typical college-campus feel that many look for. There is no better experience than the perfect mix between city-living and campus-living that Trinity provides; it truly is the best of both worlds.

Trinity’s Societies


Trinity has an endless number of societies that all allow you to share your talents, practice your skills, make great friends, and do what you love. Joining the Sailing team in particular during Freshers’ Week was without a doubt the best five euro I have ever spent, and one of my favorite things about Trinity. I am very proud to represent Trinity on a team that competes all over Ireland and the UK, and have made incredible friends doing so.

The Teaching Style

Trinity's Ussher Library
Trinity’s Ussher Library

Unlike the majority of American Colleges, the education system in Trinity does not force you to take any kind of General Education classes or classes you do not have an interest in. From your first day as a student, you specialize in one specific course, and focus solely on the modules in that course, without being swamped with other classes that are in your timetable simply to maximize credits.

Studying in a Landmark


Another aspect of Trinity that I would consider a favorite of mine is seeing tourists on campus every day. It makes me so proud to know that the place I call home is a place people travel to from all over the world for their own enjoyment and curiosity. While discovering Front Square, the Campanile, and the Book of Kells, tourists are fascinated each day by what my school has to offer, as both a university and beautiful place to sight-see, and I enjoy having that eclectic collection of diversity and culture on my campus.


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