Bitesize Top 10 Courses: English

Jess is a student ambassador and blog manager in her fourth year. Here she lets us know about her experience of studying English at Trinity, one of our Top 10 Courses.

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Your name: Jess Purchon

Your year of study: 4th (final) year

Your programme of study / course: English

What made you decide to study your course at Trinity?

I’ve always loved losing myself in a book, so English was the natural choice when it came to picking a university course. Trinity’s English department is very highly ranked and has a fantastic literary history to draw upon.

What, if anything, was the most challenging thing about moving to Ireland to study?

Because I knew no-one in Ireland (let alone Dublin) when I first moved here I was a little scared about establishing myself. However, the welcoming Freshers atmosphere meant I met loads of people in the first few days and made some great friends.

How did you overcome the challenge?

By getting involved in loads of societies and going to as many events as could I met people who shared my interests. Putting yourself out there really pays off at Trinity as everyone is very welcoming.

What aspect / module of your course have you enjoyed studying the most so far and why?

The overall breadth of my course has been my favourite aspect; however the modules which fascinated me the most have connected literature with its cultural and political context. At the moment I’m studying an author-specific course on George Orwell which I love as I am able to really delve deep into the development of a single author across their body of work.

If you had one piece of advice to any other students about to start your course in Trinity what would it be?

Make sure that you engage in tutorial discussion instead of sitting silent. You have the opportunity to engage in detailed discussions about the course texts and delve deep into potential arguments you may wish to explore in an essay or exam. By not letting your opinions be heard you are wasting a great chance to improve your arguments and develop your perspective.

What is your favourite thing about Dublin?

Dublin is a capital city with the atmosphere of a small town. It has everything you would expect from a capital city (great restaurants, cultural attractions, a fun nightlife) along with some extras you wouldn’t expect (like Phoenix park!)

What three words would you use to describe Trinity to someone who’s never been here?

Progressive, historic, community.

If you would like to get to know Trinity College and the city of Dublin better, consider coming along to one of our upcoming US events.



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