Bitesize Top 10 Courses: General Science

Cindy is a student ambassador in her third year. Here she lets us know about her experience of studying General Science at Trinity, one of our Top 10 Courses.


Your name: Cindy Ling

Your year of study: 3rd Year

Your programme of study / course: General Science, now specialising in Natural Science.

What made you decide to study your course at Trinity?

I decided to study General Science in Trinity College because I’d heard many great things about it – how highly ranked it is, the student experience, all the help you can get as a student. I’ve always had a soft spot for science and because I love to know how everything works. I ended up deciding to study in Trinity after the experience I’d had at the Open Day, meeting the staff, the information I got about about the course, and hearing about the variety of module choices and the reputation that Trinity College has internationally for teaching and research. My first two years of the course gave me the chance to try a variety of modules ranging from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, to Mathematics and Geology. I am really happy with my choice.

What aspect / module of your course have you enjoyed studying the most so far and why?

I’ve always loved biology, so my favourite thing has been the number of Biology modules I’ve been able to take in Trinity. I did both the Biology modules in first year of the General Science programme. That’s one of the great things about General Science at Trinity – you can pick and choose based on your interests, try everything and then specialise. Each biology subject I’ve taken so far has been slightly different, and it was interesting to learn a bit of everything. It really helped me make the decision to study Natural Science. 

If you had one piece of advice to any other students about to start your course in Trinity what would it be?

I would say from a purely logistical point of view, get to know your timetable well as early as possible, attend all your lectures (!) and double-check when your deadlines are for submissions and assignments. But even more importantly – don’t be afraid. Join societies, make friends, get involved.

What is your favourite thing about Dublin?

My favourite thing about Dublin is a tie between the people and the scenery. Ireland in general is renowned for its friendliness. People are really lovely and like to have a good chat. The scenery of the lush green landscapes of the countryside filled with white, happy sheep, as well as the green parks of Dublin city, are simply beautiful.

What three words would you use to describe Trinity to someone who’s never been here?

Historic, inspirational, incredible.

If you would like to get to know Trinity College and the city of Dublin better, consider coming along to one of our upcoming US events.

green trinity


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