What makes Dublin Dublin?

Every city has certain sights, sounds and smells which make it different from anywhere else. It’s hard to define an entire city through a few features, however Education in Ireland ambassador and Trinity student Heidi Schoenenberger has given us a flavor by telling us her favorite things about living in Dublin… 

The sound of horses and carts:

The sound of horses trotting on cobblestones is a norm here, like a city stuck in time. Now these carts are usually driven by young boys and their fathers, and share the road with the Dublin buses!


The smell of chimney smoke:

Dublin, sometimes referred to as ‘The Big Smoke’, is a city full of chimney stacks. In the evening the smell of smoke fills the air, and reminds you of the warmth of a fireplace.

smoke stacks 2

The bridges that you can wander across all day:

The geography of Dublin is a product of Viking invasions up the Liffey River, so bridges are a main characteristic of the city. Every bridge has a name, and every bridge is different. They connect north and south, wind along with the river, and welcome wanderers, cyclists, and photographers.

bridges (1)

A mix of green and sea:

Dublin is unique because of its proximity to the sea and the Wicklow mountains. A short stroll along the river will bring you out to Dublin Bay, and the train connects you to loads of beautiful beaches and fishing villages along the coast. Not to mention there are plenty of green parks tucked into the city centre.

green and sea (1)

The people and the neighborhoods:

The people who were born and raised in Dublin each have their stories to tell, and are happy to share them. Each neighborhood has  its own character – not to mention characters who will happily have a chat over a cup of tea or a pint.  They are the key to getting to know the city, and what makes it so special.


Learn more about living in Dublin and studying at Trinity by coming along to one of our upcoming US Open Days:               https://www.tcd.ie/study/non-eu/events/us-open-day/ 


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