My St. Patrick’s Day…

St. Paddy’s Day means different things to different people, and there are a whole bunch of different ways to celebrate it. Whether you’re looking to paint the town red (or perhaps green), or prefer a more chilled night with your friends, there are lots of ways to mark the day. So as we gear up for Ireland’s national holiday next Tuesday, we hear from some of our Ambassadors what St. Patrick’s means to them:


My St.Patrick’s Day is … a highlight of the college calender. It’s the one day when you can dress all in green, eat sweets for breakfast and enjoy the great atmosphere in Dublin’s fair city!

green trinityMy St. Patrick’s Day is … a day of rest and celebration all in one! It was great having a break from college while watching the parade in Dublin last year. Each float had its own originality and creativity and it was absolutely fascinating to watch!

st. paddy
My St. Patrick’s Day is … a 4 day exceptional city-wide extravaganza. I spend a lot of time outside exploring the city and striking up unforgettable acquaintances with people from all over the Globe.

guiness green

My St. Patrick’s Day is … full of food, friends, green, and Guinness. Not in that order. But if any order is needed, flip the list end-to-start!


My St. Patrick’s Day is … a time to really appreciate being in Ireland. Last year I went to the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day parade for the first time and then spent the rest of the day celebrating with friends in Trinity Halls.



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