A round-up of jailbreak 2015

‘Jailbreak’ has become a central event in the Trinity calendar, avidly followed by students on social media as they watch their friends race across the globe. This year’s event Co-ordinator, Jack Marks, has given us a round-up of behind the scenes at the 2015’s race: 

At 9am on Saturday March 7th, 160 students set off from Collins Barracks with the goal of reaching a mystery location in the Balkans without spending any money. By the end of their journey, over 50 students had made it to Lake Bled in Slovenia and countless others were dotted across Europe, having made it to Brindisi, Toulouse, Edinburgh or Berlin! That was the story of Jailbreak 2015, the story you’ve heard. However there is another story, the story of the HQ team who spent the weekend camped out in Trinity’s Global Room, hunched over laptops or shouting down phones, tasked with telling the story of Jailbreak to the world and keeping the teams safe as they jetted off across Europe. This is their story.


Following the launch from Collins Barracks, the Jailbreak HQ team descended upon Trinity’s Global Room, fresh faced and laptops fully charged, and set-up camp for the weekend. Within an hour, the hectic and electric vibe which engulfed the Global Room for the whole weekend had been established. Fodhla O’Brien was shouting commands to, and demanding status reports from, her team of trackers which never descended below 15 people at any one time. Ben Butler and his social media team were huddled in the corner, coordinating every post and tweet coming out of Jailbreak HQ. Kevin Baker and Vladimir Rakhmanin were hard at work, updating the website and creating new designs for the competition as it unfolded.  Headphones in and fingers flying across keyboards, they gave a definite air of people who were NOT to be disturbed. Trinity FM were reporting live from the corner of the room, and project manager Ali Kelly was juggling phone calls and emails from the Irish media who were looking for updates and interviews and was in hourly video calls with Aisling Byrne.

The teams scattered around Europe!

The activity never stopped, visits from Spin 103.8 on Saturday afternoon, TTV throughout the weekend and 2am movie screenings made sure there was never a dull moment in HQ. The big moment came shortly after 1pm, when only a mere hour after the reveal of the finish line, the first team arrived at the finish line, all the way in Bled Castle, overlooking Lake Bled! The elation that was felt at that moment in HQ was the result of it all coming together. Everything which the Jailbreak Organisation team had been planning since September, and everything which every member of the HQ team had been doing all weekend, had paid off. Over €60,000 had been raised for two great charities, as well as their work and campaigns being promoted by posts on social media which had been seen by thousands on facebook and twitter. The teams had had the weekend of their lives, and more importantly for the tracking team, were all SAFE. Jailbreak 2015 couldn’t have been the event it was without the use of the Global Room and the help from its staff! The use of such an amazing facility, along with the the Staff going the extra mile in sourcing food and treats (Yogism breakfast on Sunday was my own personal highlight) and providing assistance in countless other ways helped to make Jailbreak 2015 the best yet, and for that, I, along with the whole Jailbreak Team, are immeasurably grateful.


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