Two – For – One

Trinity has the advantage of being smack-bang in the middle of Dublin city centre. This means that Trinity campus is in the middle of a sea of restaurants and cafés, from the good to not-so-good, from the cheap to the not-so-cheap.


To get the most out of your money, there are an array of student deals you can avail of. Many college societies offer exclusive deals with restaurants and cafes, but for most of the deals I find myself just using my student card and a Trinity Ents card (available for free at House 6).

My favourite deals are the two-for-ones, which are a great way of sharing a deal with a friend! At Jo Burger (off Fitzwilliam street, other branch on Rathmines road), a burger with a variety of exciting toppings would normally cost a whopping 12euros. By abiding by certain time constraints, one of these otherwise expensive, tasty burgers cost only 6euros – the price of two chicken fillet rolls from Maguires, but probably as filling.

jo burger

Crackbird, a sister of Jo Burger, is a chicken specialist on Dame street. Crackbird also runs a two-for-one deal during the week. They pretty much only do chicken-based meals. For the same amount of money you’d spend for a beef burger in Jo Burger, you could get an unbelievable amount of chicken. If you like chicken, you’ll like Crackbird!

Wagamama (just off St. Stephen’s Green) also does a great two-for-one. Wagamama is a Japanese/pan-Asian restaurant with most meals costing 10-14euros without the student deal. With the student deal, you and a friend can get the notorious Chicken Katsu curry for a mere 7euros. At 1200 calories, the Chicken Katsu curry will be sure to fill you for the day. Other dishes with lower calorie counts are also available.


If the two-for-one isn’t for you, there are many other places where you could get a relatively cheap meal for one: most notably, Maguires on Grafton street do arguably the best chicken fillet rolls near campus, with contender O’Donovan’s on Pearse street also doing pretty great chicken fillet rolls all for a reasonable price.

Note: For some two-for-ones, both you and your partner will require to have a valid Trinity student card and Trinity Ents card, with Wagamama being an exception to this rule.

Faris is a Student Ambassador in the Global Room


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