Ready for Applications?

The second month of the new year is already here, and for students in their final year of school February means an awful lot of dates. Not just Valentines day of course, but College Applications! Where to apply, which application is due when, what document is required with which application (in all honesty things can get a tad overwhelming and a bit crazy). It happened to me two years ago, and it’s pretty much a ritual when it comes to the final year of high school.


The key word here is Checklists. When I was applying to colleges, I made a checklist of each document that was required, and the satisfaction that you get once you check off a required essay is as close to high school bliss as it gets. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you aren’t sure as to what is expected of you in an application. The international office of any university is designed to help international students feel at home, during the time of applications and after. You can contact Trinity’s international admissions office at:

Another important bit of advice that is often missed is to highlight your strengths. Did you captain the debate team in school? Are you a district level swimmer? Or a chess player? Do you paint? Universities will want to know that! Academic excellence is very important, but don’t be afraid to show that you have stood out in more ways than one.


And after you submit the applications, kiss your marksheet shut and send it off to the universities of your choice (where you metaphorically cross your heart and hope to get in), begins the arduous task of waiting. That period, is much much worse than doing the applications, because here there is nothing that you can do, except keep an eye out on your email, mail, college website and twitter and read and re-read updates on how awesome and life changing it would be if you got into that one university and started a new life there. And if you get in, like I did, you’ll know all those day dreams were right. This was meant to be!

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Rajsi is a Senior Freshman studying Computer Science and Business at Trinity, where she is a Global Room Ambassador. She spent her past summer interning at Web Summit where she helped design the Student Scholar program. She was also invited to speak at Create2014 and CultureTech’14 in the city of Derry, Northern Ireland and plans to get into Investment Banking.


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