‘Change for Change’ – a Trinity student’s initiative to tackle homelessness

Recently there has been a strong push for student engagement with charities at Trinity, as seen during RAG ( Raise and Give ) week. During RAG week different societies and organizations within college compete to raise money for their respective causes. RAG week has been a part of Irish student life for a long time, and every year it keeps on growing and expanding to support more local charities and causes.

RAG week launch. Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX

Specifically in Trinity it is organised and run by the Students’ Union and Trinity Volunteering, and is supported by Trinity alumni via a grant of €10,000 matched funding. This has been a great incentive for Trinity Societies, because now they know for every euro they raise they get another one from matching, allowing them to give more to their preferred charity/cause.

LOGO3One of Trinity’s new charities is “Change for Change”, an initiative set up by a few Trinity students to tackle Dublin’s homeless issue. “Change for Change” started in September by 5 trinity students (Fiona, Amr, Jill, Pamela, Timmy); its aim was to change the concept of homeless charities, and empower people to be able to help themselves. They proposed a new program including: weekly classes on building CV’s; accommodation for the period of program; and internships with companies to give candidates relevant work experience. Above all, after the 6 month program is complete, they aim for each participant in the program to be in full employment, using help from partnering agencies/companies.

This program started to grow, and took on 3 more students to manage the additional workload( Derek, Mary, Rebecca ). Since then, the program has reached new heights and has been showing great promise.  During RAG week they set out a Treasure hunt around campus with a twist. Some of the clues were pretty easy to find (’15-love’, being the tennis courts), while others required a bit more thought. Students walked around college and had to take selfies with the respective objects they found. This, obviously, brought out some hilarious pictures!


“Change for Change” is set to hit the ground running and become one of Trinity’s leading NPOs set up by students. Click below to check out the Facebook page and see how it’s getting on:


Amr is a third year Bio-engineering student working as a Student Ambassador in the Global Room who set up “Change for Change” this year. 


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