Trinity’s Events

Trinity has lots of different societies for a whole range of interests, including sport, food, literature, entertainment, culture and many more. Joining societies is a crucial part of college life here, and something every student should take advantage of. As the event officer for a cultural society, I host many events with the committee for our members throughout the year.  I really enjoy organizing and hosting events, and seeing everyone having such a good time socializing!


Most importantly, I believe society events are a great way for students from all different academic backgrounds to come together. It’s a great way to meet new friends and enjoy each other’s company. Most cultural events provide food such as snacks and drinks along with whatever entertainment they center around.  It creates a relaxing atmosphere and is a welcome relief after a day of lectures.

You can sign up for societies during Freshers’ Week, or go onto for more information. The price to join societies varies from society to society, but it usually only a few Euro and offers a great chance to integrate into college life and attend fun events (often for free). Don’t be afraid to attend the events as you never know who you might meet (and if it’s not for you, you can always gab some free food and leave).  

Stephen Fry at 'The Phil'.
Stephen Fry at ‘The Phil’.

Trinity also invites guest speakers to come in and give talks on different topics, these events can be a great opportunity to gain more knowledge and it can be interesting to attend. These may be in association with a certain department, or college-wide interest talks (however the majority are open for any student to attend). Some guest speakers are also invited by specific societies to come and give a talk to their members (notably Trinity’s debating societies, ‘The Phil’ and ‘The Hist’, compete each year to get the best guests).

Irish President Michael D. Higgins at 'The Hist'.
Irish President Michael D. Higgins at ‘The Hist’.

Celebrities, inventors, politicians, writers and influential minds within their industry are just some of the kinds of speaker you can expect to see each year. Going to a talk can really broaden your understanding of the world beyond the scope of your course, so I would really encourage you to go to any talk which interests you during your time at Trinity.

Cindy is a 3rd year Science student who works as an Ambassador in the Global Room. 


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