An Interview with ‘Q soc.’

Elaine is one of our Student Ambassadors in the Global Room and also acts as the Secretary of ‘Q Soc.’, so we thought we’d sit down and have a chat with her to find out more about the influential on-campus society.

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What role does Q soc. fulfill within the college?

Q Soc provides a space for those who identify as LGBTQ, or are questioning their identity, and straight allies to hang out, meet new people and learn more about the LGBTQ community in a safe environment. We run everything from nights out, table quizzes and make and do events, to book clubs, writing groups and a political campaigns team. We also put on an original play every year, have a regular magazine created by our members and even the odd ceili! There really is something for everyone. Often college is the first place people start to explore their identity, or meet others who also identify as LGBTQ – so our aim is to make sure that there is a place to do that in a fun way!

What first attracted you to Q soc. ?

I had actually been following Q Soc on every social media outlet they had since I was in 5th year of secondary school, so safe to say it was the first stand I signed up for during Freshers Week! What surprised me once I got there, and what made me stay, was that there were such a variety of people and interests present there. Students from every course in college, including postgrads, from all over the world gathered to join the society.

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What is your role in the society?

I’m responsible for all the communications of the society (ie sending a million emails every week) and making sure that the constitution is upheld.

Why should international students get involved with Q soc.?

I think Q Soc would be good to get involved in as an international student because we do such a variety of events, and we’re really active (we run at least 3 events a week). No matter what you’re interested in there’s probably something to your tastes – including events like nights out for big groups of people, or much smaller regular events like our creative writing group (which is only about 10 people). We also run coffee hours from 1-3pm in  our society room, so if you’re stuck for somewhere to go at lunch and you’d like to spend a while chatting with free tea and coffee, we’d be the place to go!

What was your favourite 2014 Q soc. event?

I really enjoyed our Rocky Horror interactive screening which we ran in the Global Room at Halloween.


What can we look forward to from Q soc. in the New Year?

With the marriage equality referendum on the horizon, that’s where a lot of our focus will lie. As well as that we’re working on a lot of collaborative events in the works with KnitSoc, DU History, Cumann Gaelach (Trinity’s Irish language and culture society) and a whole range of other societies. We’re also putting together our play, and a publication of creative writing (for which we are currently seeking submissions!) and starting a Queer Theory Reading Group. Busy as usual I suppose!

Elaine is law student and student ambassador in the Trinity Global Room.


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