100th post

Since starting up this blog we’ve looked at a whole bunch of different aspects to coming over and studying at Trinity, so for our 100th post we thought we’d re-visit some gems. From personal accounts and first impressions of Ireland, to insightful advice on what to do when you get here, our bloggers have shared a slice of Trinity life with you in every post. Here are some you’ve enjoyed:

Most viewed: 10 weird facts about Trinity (that may or may not be true)

Letting you in on some of our oddities and superstitions, this list had you guessing which ‘facts’ were real (and which ones were merely speculated upon in the Pav!)

Trinity cat!
Trinity cat!

Most commented: My journey from Gaza to my Trinity College Dream 

After reading about Salem’s incredible move from Palestine to Ireland many of you were dying to comment and welcome him to Trinity. That was back in August, so we hope his PhD in Environmental Engineering has gone well so far!


Most popular tags: Student Life, Societies, Study and Culture Shock

We tag all our posts to help you find what you’re most interested in reading about. So far our reader stats show that it is posts which deal with the life of a student at Trinity which interest you most (closely followed by our amazing array of Societies, a look at courses in the ‘Study’ posts, and the surprises you encounter on entering Ireland in ‘Culture Shock’). Although it was unrelated to ‘study’, the recent Halloween post from our Ambassadors was all about ‘Student Life’ (and brought in information on ‘Societies’ and ‘Culture Shock’).


Let us know what you’d like us to cover in the next 100 by commenting below!


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