Family Away From Home

Everyone understands the feeling of homesickness. This often applies particularly for international students, who are missing the familiarity of their own culture; however even Irish students living away from home sometimes get pangs of homesickness.

Before the Internet , most people did not even have the option of contacting their friends and family from their hometown while studying abroad. Now that people do have that opportunity, they perhaps forget the importance of plugging into their new environment. Arguably in the past people were able to adapt quicker as there was no option of investing time in connecting over the Internet. I am not saying that maintaining relationships over the web isn’t good, but perhaps we should invest more in the relationships which are around us in college!

Personally, I feel that these 3 are the most important!

1. Housemates


These are the people that you will be living with for many months, and even years! They are essentially your foreign family. Take time to know them on a deeper level (not just their names). Learn more about their culture, and have food nights where you can introduce each other to your favourite dishes! Perhaps even cook or bake them a delicious treat! If cooking is not your talent, go out for bite!

2. Clubs & Societies 

clubs matesFind the club or society which you are most interested in. There are so many available options in Trinity College that there is bound to be one perfect for you! Connecting with people who have the similar interests can give you a great chance to bond. Do not forget to go to as many events organised by the club or society you join as you can (as this is where most of the fondest memories will be created!)

3. Classmates  

classmatesYou will be seeing them every day of the week between classes, and perhaps even work with them in group projects. These are the people who are most likely to have the same timetable as you. Go out for lunch together during your breaks and maybe go on class nights out together as well. You probably have things in common and similar personalities since you decided to study the same course!

Don’t be afraid to invest more time in people that you may not so familiar with, as that is the first step to forming family-like friends. Even though it may seem out of your comfort zone, be assured that you are not the only one who is away from home! Everyone misses their family and friends, but there is never a limit to the number of friendships that you can make!

Audrey Chew is a Student Ambassador in the Global Room. 


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