Why our Ambassadors picked Trinity!

There are so many reasons to come to Trinity, however often it takes just one to make your final decision. We asked our Ambassadors to sum up why they came here in one sentence, and here are their responses:

I am sure you all heard the phrase “you eat with your eyes” and that is how I see college as well; Trinity’s beautiful buildings filled with history really make the whole university experience a lot more enjoyable. – Amr

I chose Trinity because it has one of the top 20 maths schools in the world. – Faris 

chose – Elli 

I chose to go to Trinity because of the central location, great reputation among employers and the high quality of societies and clubs (specifically Qsoc, which is the oldest, largest and most active LGBT society in Ireland.) – Elaine

I picked Trinity solely for the purpose of choosing MSISS (Management Science) as my course. – Seán

campaI chose Trinity because it’s “Full  of inspiration” – Cindy 

As a dental student looking to do a postgraduate degree, with a special interest in dental materials science, I soon realised that the Dublin Dental University Hospital, Trinity College Dublin was not only one of the few dental schools in Europe with research facilities within the dental hospital, but also the only University with sufficient funding to offer a scholarship for a PhD in dental materials science. – Mirza

Coming from a town in Southern Africa, I picked Trinity because of its weighty historical prevalence to my ancestry and international recognition. – Byrne

Trinity’s high reputation, number of international students and central location assured me that I’d have an amazing student experience. – Audrey 

I chose Trinity because of its fantastic welfare system, societies and great campus! – Sally

I picked Trinity by absolute chance, but its been one of the greatest and influential ‘accidental’ choices I have made to date. – Liddy 


One of the reasons why I came to Trinity was the reputation and history that it has held over hundreds of years, combined with a flexible course that allows me to choose my own career path. – Sangyeob

My elder sister brought me to Trinity, and I will always be grateful to her for this. – Anya

I came to Trinity because it offered Biomedical Engineering just the way I wanted it;  I also had people whom I knew in Trinity, it seemed natural to come here as it was a familiar stepping stone. – Herbie 

Pop into the Global Room 9.30-9pm Monday to Friday to meet our Ambassadors and find out more about their experiences at Trinity.


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