Things NOT to do in Ireland

Dear humans,

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There are a lot of great travel blogs out there. I could do a list of the “Top 23.5 things to do in Ireland in December.” But that will be boring and repetitive.  So instead I decided to write this article about “Things NOT TO DO in Ireland!”  I am basically starting like the evening news (because the evening news is where they begin with ‘Good evening’, and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t). So, without further ado, here is the list:

1. Don’t just stay at home:


Staying home and kicking back is fun, and sometimes needed, but it does nothing to capture the essence of what Ireland has to offer. In short, don’t just cuddle up in your comfy blanket with a warm cocoa watching re-runs of your favourite/guilty pleasure T.V show. Get up, and enjoy what Ireland has to offer.

2. Stop Blaming the weather:


Blaming the weather doesn’t get you anywhere, trust me I have been trying for years!  And hey, cold weather brings out the little fashionista in all of us (and girls dress well too!)

3. Don’t keep sticking to same areas:

The world's smallest pub
The world’s smallest pub

Obviously during December, the weather will probably be cold and you will probably prefer to do anything indoors. This can be a blessing in disguise, since now is the best time to experience different restaurants, cafes, or shops. Google different restaurants, ask people about their reviews, or just walk randomly and find your own gem in the rubble, but don’t try to stick to your routine of places to go.

4. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of the norm:


Be open to different experiences and places to visit, don’t be afraid of going and enjoying a place that a person suggested. Of course you need to do your research, but don’t stick to the usual go to touristic attractions.

5. Don’t stick to a plan:


I know a lot of people love making detailed plans about their life, and specifically with regards to places to see and when is the allocated slot for them to see it in. but that might just put pressure on you more than anything else, give yourself a space to be spontaneous do things not on your lit as well. After all the best trips are the unplanned ones.

Amr is a third year Bio-engineering student working as a Student Ambassador in the Global Room. 


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