Halloween in Dublin!

This time last week Halloween was upon us, so we thought we would let our Ambassadors tell you how they spent theirs in Dublin (and what advice they would give to Trinity students for next year!)

butlersHi Everyone I’m Cindy an ambassador from the Global Room. I would have to say I’m a big fan of chocolate, and one of my favorite places to have chocolate or hot chocolate for this chilly weather is called “Butlers”. Butlers has a Halloween chocolate extravaganza event each year. Visitors are encouraged to come dressed in their scariest Halloween costumes, and are invited on a stroll around the chocolate museum. You can enjoy the aroma from the chocolate gallery as you can see Bulters’ Chocolate Factory. It’s a once in a lifetime chocolate experience!

– Cindy


Dressing up for Halloween is a must. Stuck for costume money? I know a friend who painted a cardboard box from Lidl into a Box of Cornflakes and wore it (creative and cheap!) Attend one of the Halloween events organised by any of the societies that you’ve joined and you won’t only get the thrill of dressing up, you’ll be doing it together with your friends!

– Audrey Chew


Since coming to college, my favorite event every year has, without a doubt, been QSoc’s Rocky Horror Screening which happens the week of Halloween. For the past two years we’ve held it in the Global Room (the most amazing venue for it on campus!) A 12 screen TV and multicolored lighting definitely added to the whole experience!

The organization that goes into putting on Rocky Horror was fairly complicated – from arranging for each member of the committee to be a different character (I was Rocky, finally a use for gold leggings) to sourcing about 6 pans worth of toast, playing cards, balloons, newspapers and confetti poppers. We were all so frantic by 7pm we very nearly forgot to bring the disc of the film itself!

The event itself was, as always, one of our best attended and many really committed to dressing up in character. I won’t spoil too many of the surprises for those of you who haven’t been to a screening yet, but it was a great night and I’m already excited for next year’s!

– Elaine


If you are foreigner in Ireland  and want to get the brightest Halloween sensations and memories – the best place in Dublin on the evening is Temple Bar (the area on the South bank of the River Liffey, and the city’s cultural quarter). It has a lively nightlife, with locations including the Palace Bar, the Temple Bar Pub, Oliver St.John Gogarty’s and the Auld Dubliner.

– Anna


In my experience, Hallowe’en Hype has grown exponentially.  While it was always on my list of favorite holidays, since moving to Dublin three years ago it has skyrocketed to the top.  It seems for the average person, enthusiasm ebbs and flows – childhood glee versus teenage disinterest (too cool to dress CRAZY up are we?)

One of the greatest things about college celebrations is that you cannot go over the top. In addition, Dublin is a city that commits to the cause with such dedication. It is completely acceptable to dress up every day of the week surrounding the 31st October. The real question is – which day and when will you partake in the ghoulish festivities at Hallowe’en?

My advice is to scope out what’s happening the week before – every club chooses its own Hallowe’en day, every society celebrates through its own characteristic medium.  Weigh up which appeals to you the most, and commit, commit, commit!

This year, I decided to sprint through the atmospheric combination of heavy rain in the old, cobbled front square to find refuge in the dimly lit chapel.  Waiting for me was a large projector of the silent 1925 version of “Phantom of the Opera”, complete with LIVE accompaniment on Trinity’s magnificent old organ by the extremely talented Rónán Murray.   It was a suitably chilling and atmospheric indulgence in the sinister celebration of Hallowe’en.

– Byrne Hacking, JS Theoretical Physics


In South Korea (where I am from) Halloween is new and has only started being celebrated in recent years. It is fascinating to experience Halloween in Ireland and when I share my photos with my family and friends who are living in Korea they are quiet impressed by how people enjoy such an occasion. On Halloween I will usually meet up with Korean friends who are new to Ireland. This year we went to the city center, to meet others new to the excitement of Halloween. I don’t drink alcohol, but even sober there was a great atmosphere. Throughout the night we took pictures of eachother’s costumes, chatted and enjoyed eachother’s company.

– Sangyeob


I spent the weekend of Halloween in Cavan with the Trinity Trampoline Club, training and socialising with other clubs around Ireland. After the first day of training we all enjoyed a few drinks and made amazing new friends. The second night of this trip was even better as a costume contest was on the cards. Alas, it was not my year to win it (I was Charizard!), as Tulisa just snagged top spot with an exploding Microphone (I swear I’m not bitter 😛 ). This was my second year in Cavan and it just keeps getting better with more interesting people to meet. I am already counting down the days to next year’s trip away.

– Sean


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