Some international students come to Trinity to solidify their English-speaking skills, and Dublin is certainly a great place to do so. Trinity, and its home city of Dublin, are welcoming and friendly environments in which to perfect your English as a second language, but did you know that another language is also spoken in Ireland?

Many people in Ireland enjoy the benefits of being bi-lingual, having learnt Irish from an early age at school (often speaking it at home). Whilst at school, a number of children are sent to a ‘Gaeltacht’ (one of the regions of the country where Irish is the primary language and English is only spoken when travelling outside the area) to improve their grasp of the language, and keep it alive.

Although English may remain the most commonly spoken language within Ireland, learning a little Irish whilst you’re here can be a fun way of discovering more about the country’s history and culture (it will also earn you massive kudos with your Irish friends!) There are extra-mural evening classes for budding linguists at Trinity who want to learn a new language, or improve their existing skills. Irish is certainly among one of the most popular classes offered, however there are a wide range of languages available to try out (including Chinese, Japanese and Irish sign language!)

The benefits of a second language go far beyond its practical use; check out this info-graphic if you need any convincing, and click here for more information on Trinity’s extramural language classes



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