Time to celebrate T-JOLT!


The Trinity Journal of Literary Translation (T-JOLT) will be having an event in the Global Room next Thursday (30th October) from 4pm to 6.30pm. The event will include an introduction from a few of our editors, a series of interactive readings, and a live, bilingual dramatic performance. This will be followed by a discussion on the art of literary translation and a Q&A session. We welcome all potential contributors, translators and language enthusiasts, the more the merrier!

The Trinity Journal of Literary Translation is student-led academic journal publishing works of literary translation from any language into English or Irish. Over the past two years, T-JOLT has published an array of languages ranging from modern European languages to Ancient Greek, Latin, and even Hiberno-English. The Journal provides a platform for the essential art of literary translation and foregrounds translation as a field of growing academic, artistic and commercial necessity.

To celebrate its third year, T-JOLT is expanding its outreach and will be publishing its first Creative Writing Supplement. The Supplement seeks works of original fiction, poetry or drama in English or another language. The chosen submissions will then be translated into any number of languages by translators from the M.Phil in Literary Translation. This project hopes to showcase the evolving and collaborative act of writing and of translation and its importance in the accessibility and growth of contemporary literature.

If you are looking to get involved with the journal, get in touch with T-JOLT through their website at: http://www.trinityjolt.com/. Next week’s event will be a great way to experience the various ways in which the art of literary translation can be enjoyed, so come along to the Global Room to celebrate three years of Trinity’s prestigious Journal of Literary Translation.

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