Why you should definitely study abroad


Ellen is one of the Trinity Global Room’s student ambassadors. She is originally from the US.

It’s your junior year and all of a sudden all people can talk about is college: college visits, Greek life, the importance of soft serve machines in dining halls, which SAT practice books will get you 2400, the best college towns and of course the inordinate amount of money US schools cost. Normally you let these concerns overwhelm you for the next year and a half, fill out least ten applications, and after months of second-guessing finally commit to one school. For some the choice is easy, but for most the college application process will be the most confusing and stressful time of your life.

Amongst all of that stress and pressure, plus the fear of leaving home for the first time, few people take the time to even consider a school in a different country. However, going to college abroad is one of the smartest financial and academic choices you can make. Tuition at Irish colleges is up to half the price of most US university tuition. It’s even cheaper than a lot of state and public schools. The amount you could save going abroad is enormous. You can save upwards of $120,000 just on tuition in 4 years and even more if you sit scholarship examinations. This alone makes studying abroad the best choice. Being International also gives you an edge when applying to top schools abroad, setting you apart from the thousands of other applicants. Applying abroad also means you can get support and attention that you wouldn’t normally receive from US schools. During your four years there you will obtain a more comprehensive global education that will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs both in the US and abroad.

Being and international student and going abroad might seem scary or foreign, it’s hard to really know how to get started, but the good news is the application process not as different as you would think. Applying for college abroad is just as easy if not easier than the common app or state schools’ applications. Most colleges, including Trinity, have online applications very similar to the common app, but much simpler. You fill out some information about yourself, add your transcript, SAT or ACT and AP or IB scores, letters of recommendation, write a short personal statement, and get your decision back much sooner than US schools. The process is, if anything, much less stressful than American applications. There’s no official deadline. The applications are rolling, so if you don’t get it in by 12:00 on January 1st it’s ok.

The best part about applying to school abroad is there are so many people from the college ready to answer whatever questions you have and help you through the whole process. You will never feel alone or confused. If you get a chance to visit schools abroad, like Trinity, you can get a personalized one on one tour from a current student and even a chance to meet professors from your course and people from the international admissions office. They give you a great picture of what college abroad is like and show you how easy and exciting making that change really is.

I know there’s a million options out there for college, so many it’s hard to even know where to begin, but it’s definitely worth thinking globally and applying to college abroad. Applying abroad means you can skip the stress and confusion of the US application process and enjoy a faster and easier college admission. It’s not only the smartest academic and financial choice available it’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on adventures, make friends from all over the world, and have the greatest four years of your life. So, why not apply?


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