Why you should be an Education in Ireland student ambassador

langRajsi talks about her experiences as a student ambassador last year.

Last year I applied as a young and inexperienced fresher to be a student ambassador with Education in Ireland. I had  had no idea how my first year would be, but by the end of it I was one of Trinity’s ambassadors. The process took quite a while, but the joy of actually being selected, and being part of the university that had the most student ambassadors was totally worth it!

The programme required me to capture my first year of living in Ireland and in so doing to help the students who were considering Ireland as their prospective study abroad destination. I met some wonderful people and made some wonderful memories.

The year started with an incredible training session where we were taught about everything from photography to making videos and writing in a way that makes your words come alive. We were then introduced to Gaelic football and made to learn that craic is a real uncensored word that actually means fun. (Tip: it is pronounced ‘crack’.)

Overall it was an absolutely unreal year filled with some beautiful moments, fun things to learn, some brilliant videos and interviews, and it all concluded with an amazing award ceremony, where we were congratulated for our work by no other than than Taoiseach (Irish version of a Prime Minister) Enda Kenny.

…There were also some amazing selfies involved, but hey at least I made sure of using the photographic skills I learned!

So go on, apply to have the same fabulous year I had last year. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Find out more about the Education in Ireland Ambassador Program: EI Ambassador Program

To apply to be an ambassador for 2014/15, download the application form and email it to TCDGlobalRoom@tcd.ie by 10 October 2014: Application Form 2014


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