Education Ireland Student Ambassador Positions

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Education in Ireland are looking for enthusiastic, creative, articulate, confident and reliable students to become international student ambassadors. They are seeking students who are proficient at blogging and using social media.

Selected ambassadors will be asked to provide at least one blog per semester for the year. Other duties include interacting with other ambassadors on the blog and using social media, as well as speaking with prospective students.

Taking part in this programme offers many benefits to your career and personal development: your work will be very widely circulated nationally and internationally. You will be awarded a “Certificate of Participation” at a fantastic national award ceremony, and Education in Ireland will endorse you on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites, offer references, and work with you as alumni in the future.

Last year’s ambassadors had this to say about their experiences:

“Being an EI ambassador was an amazing experience for me. It allowed me to reflect on all the new and exciting things I was being exposed to in Ireland as an international student and appreciate them even more. It helped me make new friends and meet interesting people. Most importantly it gave me the opportunity to share my experiences with people from all over the world and show the next generation of students that studying abroad in Ireland is a risk that they should definitely take.  For me being an ambassador meant coming full circle. Looking back, I can remember pouring over the blogs on the Education in Ireland website for hours preparing to make the huge decision to go to school abroad. Becoming an ambassador a year later gave me a chance to give back and help others who are thinking of making that big change as well. I would absolutely recommend becoming an ambassador to any international student. It is incredibly rewarding knowing that by sharing your experiences you can inspire people from all over the world to take a risk and change their life forever.” – Eileen Brennan

“Being one of the Education in Ireland ambassadors was a privilege. My experience as an ambassador gave me a lot of satisfaction as it felt great that I was able to inform and guide prospective students from my own country to study in Ireland. It made me analyse the different experiences I have had in the Emerald Isle…I would encourage others to do this as it widens your own personal horizon whilst you attempt to expand others’. You also meet many other international student ambassadors all over Ireland and learn from their personal stories as well. It is a great opportunity to represent both your own country and Ireland simultaneously.” – Audrey Chew

The successful ambassadors for 2014 will attend a fun training day in advance of taking up their post. This will be held in Griffith College Dublin on Saturday 15 November. Full editorial support will be offered to successful applicants as they go forward with the programme.

In order to be considered, you must be engaged at any level of study within Trinity College Dublin. You must originate from either Brazil, Canada, China, the Gulf States, India, Malaysia or the USA.

Candidates are required to complete the below application form and submit it to us at by 10 October 2014. Late applications will not be considered.

Programme description: EI Ambassador Program

Download application form: Application Form 2014


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