Brazil Day at Trinity: A Smash Hit

photoGetting into the spirit of Brazilian Independence Day, Trinity’s Global Room was transformed on Monday. Balloons, pictures of famous Brazilian landmarks, Brazilian flags, and fun facts about Brazil adorned the walls to celebrate. We even included numerous photos of Neymar and the Brazilian soccer team, as a hat-tip to one of the world’s greatest teams.

Entertaining all of our esteemed guests was a group of very talented students who gave us a taste of Brazilian dance with a demonstration of Forró and Samba. The Brazilian students, who are here doing the Ciência sem Fronteiras or Science Without Borders programme, even joined in!

And, most importantly, staff and students alike got to try some yum Brazilian dishes, including the world-famous feijoada, which is a kind of delicious stew with rice and beans.

All-in-all Brazil day was a great chance to learn more about a rich and vibrant culture, and to celebrate with our new students! We hope you all enjoyed it!

For those of you who missed the festivities, check out the below video for a sense of what it means to be Brazilian and study at Trinity for the CsF programme!


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