Making the most of your Trinity time

When I began my degree a few years ago, 4 years felt like an eternity stretched out in front of me; but now I am about to begin my final year and I can’t believe that the time went by so fast! Although I’ve been busy socialising with societies and studying, there remain a few things I want to get done whilst I’m still a Trinity student.

I would definitely recommend getting involved in everything Trinity has to offer whilst you have the chance as the years can fly by quicker than you think. Here are a few things you should definitely do to get the most out of your time at Trinity:

Be an over-eager fresher


When you first get to Trinity, try your hand at as many things as you can. There are lots opportunities to try something new, and before you know it you will have found what you love. I was involved in a few different societies in my first year and I met so many great people. However it wasn’t until the end of the year that I found where I was truly happiest, in the Comedy Society. If you play it safe in your first year and only get involved with things you’ve already tried you might miss out on discovering a new passion, and will never meet the people who share it with you.

Use societies as a way to build your CV


Depending on what you want to do when you graduate, societies can be a great way to build your CV. Joining a committee demonstrates both teamwork and leadership, and can help you build useful skills (such as event planning or marketing) depending upon your role. If you want to be a writer, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to Trinity’s publications, and by the end of your degree you may have the opportunity to become an editor for one of them. You can develop your public speaking and presentation skills at The Phil or The Hist (the university’s debating societies), both of which host a range of guest speakers throughout the year. Volunteering is another way in which societies can strengthen your CV, Trinity lots of charitable societies who each year come together during RAG (Raise And Give) week to fundraise throughout campus.

Use your breaks to travel


Whether you’re discovering Ireland’s beautiful landscape, or using Dublin Airport to see Europe, the best time to travel is whilst you are at university. You may not enjoy the same freedom once you have graduated, and Dublin is ideally connected both to Ireland and the rest of Europe (with over 20 million passengers passing through its two terminals each year). There are plenty of opportunities between semesters and during reading weeks to explore both Europe and Ireland, and many societies arrange affordable trips which their members can sign up for.

Get Sporty


Over 50 sports clubs operate out of Trinity and the sports centre organises loads of classes which cater for a range of abilities. Whether you’re sporty or not, having a go at a new sport or developing your skills is a great way to make friends when you’re new in the city. Before I graduate I want to spend some time up the sports centre’s impressive climbing wall, and I’m planning on signing up to a weekly yoga class once term starts to help balance out the stresses of final year.

Take an evening class


Taking another class after you’ve finished a day of lectures might sound a little over-keen; however it can be a really fun way of learning something new that your degree doesn’t cover. The college runs evening language classes which cater for a range of abilities, helping students to expand their vocabulary or learn a brand new language from scratch. If you’re looking for something more light-hearted to fill your evenings, many societies run evening classes as well. In my first year I took the Comedy Society’s stand-up classes (which led up to a live gig at the end of term) and in my second year I attended creative writing classes organised by the Lit Soc. Both classes were lots of fun and pushed me to be creative in new ways in a relaxed environment.


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