Sport for the un-sporty

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not particularly sporty; and when I left school I was sure I would never set foot on a sports pitch or in a sports centre again. However, since coming to Trinity I haven’t exactly stuck to my plan of avoiding physical activity at all costs.

During my sports centre orientation session as a first year I was surprised at the variety of clubs and classes I could join. The fact that no one was forcing me to get involved made it all look interesting and exciting. Specifically, Trinity’s impressive climbing wall looked like a challenge I wanted to tackle, and their varied schedule of classes sounded like something I could go to with friends.


Trinity’s sport centre is, to say the least, massive. There are over 50 sports clubs run from it and exercise classes to attend every day of the week. Beyond the various fitness halls, there is a 25m swimming pool, massage therapy rooms and an 11m high climbing wall.

Clubs range from martial arts to GAA sports, and even expand to clubs based off campus (including the rowing club whose boat house sits in the War Memorial Park). The main sports pitches sit in the middle of Trinity’s campus, so if you’re walking from one end to the other you may see one or more of Trinity’s teams practicing for a weekend match. Some sportsmen and sportswomen at Trinity are even rewarded with scholarships for their sporting representation of Trinity on a national and global scale.


All this investment, in both facilities and students, has led to impressive sporting success for the university. Currently two of Trinity’s sports scholarship students are representing their respective countries in the commonwealth games (in shooting and Badminton), and back in 2012 two more of our students represented Ireland in the London Olympics. Trinity teams also perform well in a competitive arena, playing against universities in Ireland and abroad.


A few years on I still wouldn’t describe myself as sporty; however I’ve been involved in the Badminton club, scaled the climbing wall and tried out quite a few exercise classes. Because the sports centre offers so many options, exercise no longer seems like a punishment or a chore. I can pick the classes that suit me and join the sports clubs I want (and no one is going to give me detention if I skip a week!)


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