There’s always a lot to do in Dublin, from shopping with friends to taking advantage of the broad range of artistic and cultural exhibits around the city. However sometimes, in spite of the seemingly unlimited possibilities, you can feel like you’re just following the crowd. Recognizing familiar faces at the park or the pub, whilst comfortable, can end up feeling like your week is lacking spontaneity.

But don’t worry; there’s no need to spend hours of your time focused upon finding the ‘next best thing’, ‘Happenings’ has got you sorted. An initiative which hosts pop up cultural events in and around Dublin, subscribers to their email list only get 48 hours’ notice of their events (adding an impulsive element to your week). Because events are scheduled last-minute, and sparsely advertised beyond an email, ‘Happenings’ events remain predominantly filled with Dubliners and can be a great escape from tourist-filled attractions. The last-minute nature of the, predominantly outdoor, events also allows organizers to take advantage of fine weather.

Last night there was an outdoor screening of the cult classic ‘Stand by Me’ in Merrion Square, at only a fiver people flocked with their picnics to re-live this classic. The film began as the sun set on Dublin, creating an intimate outdoor cinema for the crowd to enjoy. Given the showers which broke today, organizers must be thrilled to have squeezed in another event before the clouds opened this morning.

The creators have described their mission: ‘To bring people together in public space through inspirational events, at a low cost to us all and our environment, for people’s sake’, so when you come to Dublin be sure to sign up on the website to stay informed of their latest ad-hoc ‘Happening’.


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